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30 Rock and Sexual Harrasment


Tonight we learned the TGS will fall apart with out Liz Lemon AND Liz Lemon will fall apart without TGS – unless there is excessive drinking, botox and shopping!  

But seriously!  Last week Liz Lemon got frisky with the guy brought in to cut the “fat” at TGS and when he realized that she did it just so no one would get fired – well – Sexual Harassment workshop was in order!  This was hard for Liz – her job is her life and when her life is taken away from her she falls into a new crowd.  A sinister crowd – a fight club crowd.  And it’s perfect!

Jenna, accidently , staged her own death, until it was too much for her so – during her tribute – she came out and sang a number and Tracy… oh Tracy…

Jack, Kenneth, Dot Com and a dancer named Daphne – 30 Rock is the best!  Funny till the end.  

If you missed it, check it out on the NBC website – otherwise, 30 Rock airs on Thursday at 9:30 pm (after the Office).  CHECK IT!


3 Responses to “30 Rock and Sexual Harrasment”

  1. […] Scott Paper Company started to chip away at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton monopoly, and in “Jackie Jorm-Jomp,” Liz Lemon, after a brief flirtation with the Housewives of the Upper West Side, is back to […]

  2. My personal feels for Alec Baldwin aside (subliminal message: he’s arrogant, cocky and full of himself..end of subliminal message), this is an extremely FUNNY and well written show! Tina Fey is amazingly talented and hysterical! However, I’m getting tired of seeing Mean Girls being shown on ABC Family ALL the time. Is that a way to keep Lindsay Lohan in our collective conscious and perhaps give her a second chance? hmmm

    • I love 30 Rock. Thursdays episode was so funny! I still need to post on it (and a lot of other shows!)
      Alec Baldwin’s Jack is such an awesome character – so funny! I remember second season they rumored he was going to leave the show and I told my husband I wouldn’t be watching without Alec Baldwin… I was happy to find out that it was just a rumor!

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