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NBC Thursdays – 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, The Office & Community

October 17, 2009

Welcome back 30 Rock! Seriously, how did we live with out you for so long… I don’t know… I just don’t know… Over all the premier of 30 Rock was spot on – from Liz and Pete pretending to have an affair with each other just so the actors wouldn’t find out that Jack wanted […]

30 Rock Finale

May 15, 2009

THAT’S A DEAL BREAKER LADIES! Oh 30 Rock, how you amuse me! Tonight’s finale showed us that when you find out your kidney doesn’t type right to replace your newly found father – you should just call in favors and have almost every famous person you can fine sing a song to raise awareness for […]

Mama Mia! Jack’s new daddy… 30 Rock

May 8, 2009

30 Rock really is one of the funniest shows on the old boob tube!  And tonight just added to their legacy of funny moments, from Liz Lemons cover of her pooping out a chicken to Jack’s new daddy (Alan Alda – kidney anyone?) and let’s not forget Tracy’s son who is a year older than […]

30 Rock – The Natural Order

May 4, 2009

The Battle Between Tracy and Liz! Actually, let’s begin with Jenna and how she has really lost her mind… she adopted a monkey, little Jenna.  Jack finally stood up to his father, who really wasn’t his father – it was his mother’s new boyfriend – and then to top it off he found out that […]

30 Rock and Sexual Harrasment

April 17, 2009

Tonight we learned the TGS will fall apart with out Liz Lemon AND Liz Lemon will fall apart without TGS – unless there is excessive drinking, botox and shopping!   But seriously!  Last week Liz Lemon got frisky with the guy brought in to cut the “fat” at TGS and when he realized that she […]

I want to go to there – 30 Rock!

April 2, 2009

When 30 Rock first aired I didn’t watch it.  There was this other show called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip that I was in love with and I couldn’t see me watching two shows about putting on a live varity show.  And then I watched one – and not wanting to watch it – […]