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Hello all! Well, I haven’t been on here in close to a year, but here I am now so phoey on you! And why do I come here, well to be honest, even though I haven’t written in a while I still have been receiving a few comments about the Ghost Hunters. Seems that was my number one show all you out there just love to love and love to hate.

Seeing that I haven’t been on here I’ll approve the comments when I have a chance, but then I never answer. (Honestly, it’s a time issue – but I’ve made a moment right now to comment back.)

In most of the comments you – my lovely readers – have a tendency to end with a quick snip at those lovely Ghost Hunters you watch every week on SyFy at 9pm, and to be honest, I just don’t get it. It’s like that guy that spends the $150 to go see some artist live and then heckle them. OR, it’s like the dude at the football game who throws a beer at the opposing team.

I don’t get it.

So this is my response to all the comments that have come in: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International & Ghost Hunters Academy are three shows that, well, have to do with paranormal activity. Something that can be chaotic and uncertain. Yes – it would be AWESOME if every time the folks from TAPS walked into a building it was a scene from The Amityville Horror (and I mean the original and I don’t mean the scene when Margot Kidder does ballet for no real reason) the scene when the basement opens up to a porthole to hell!! DUM! DUM!! DUUMMM!! But lets just be realistic here. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have a group of well-informed people who are all not afraid of things  who tell me the truth, than some gimmicky attention whores who tell me something is haunted because – golly gee – that’ll give them ratings.

The reason I started watching the Ghost Hunters all those years ago was because of what they did and the reason I stuck with it was because of who they are. They’re real people with real families and real everything. They work. They spend time with loved ones and they’re kind enough to share it with you and me. I follow Amy, Jason, Grant, Kris, Tango & Steve on Twitter. I follow Amy and Jason on Facebook.

What I’m saying is that yes, maybe we’d much prefer to see a jam packed episode of the TAPS crew dressing in Ghost Busters gear and catching a slimer or two, and maybe when they don’t it can be a little frustrating – but they didn’t do it on purpose. They’re just doing their job and a good one at that. They help people understand something that is hard to wrap your head around. That’s a wonderful thing – helping.

So be kind – it’s great to have your own opinion. I commend you for it, but be respectful that these people are just as real as you and me. They may be on TV but they’re not fictional characters created in the writers room.

Thank you for still stopping by even though I pretty much don’t watch TV any more. And thank you for caring enough to write in. All your comments mean loads to me – your knowledge has added to this site helping people find out more information about the places and haunts TAPS has visited. And some of you have even helped me straighten out what photos go with what – which I have issues with sometime. Maybe down the road I’ll be able to relaunch Aryn’s Cult TV, but for now I’ll just be stopping by to check comments.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!



Firstly, she’s on Twitter – you should follow her – she absolutely HILARIOUS!

Secondly, she posted this yesterday – so if you’re wondering what’s going on with her life… here you go:

(@jenny_wade) i am in Dallas filming Code 58 for Fox until July. we premiere May 13 after American Idol. my favorite color is google something i’m busy.


For all of you out there who have been watching Survivors on BBC America – HOW AWESOM IS IT?! Week 3 is Sunday and I hear Abby will have a lead on her son… If you are not one of those people currently watching Survivors on BBC America – Its on Saturdays at 9pm, and they air the previous weeks episode just before hand at 8pm. IT’S NOT TO LATE TO CATCH UP!

If you haven’t heard about the Le Femme Nikita reboot that is to air on The CW yet, you just did and you just found out that Maggie Q (whom you may remember from Live Free or Die Hard – a.k.a. the Chick in the Elevator Shaft) was casted as the “Agent in trainning” who will go after the rouge Nikita!

You would think Nikita would have learned not to go “rogue” after two movies an a television series. But she always had a will of stone didn’t she?

[** Here’s hoping it’s not too good because the The CW will just cancel it or did the just do that to Reaper?**]

This is old news, but it seems ABC is still content on revamping and re-releasing Charlie and his Angles.

What is new-ish news is that Drew Barrymore – who starred in the remake movies… I won’t even comment on because I actually LIKE Drew Barrymore, just not those movies… well, she’s planning on producing this soon to be hit.

Question: Can we stop with the remakes now? Seriously, I know enough writers by myself that can make you an ALL NEW hit show that didn’t come from the 1970’s. And what’s what wanting to remake Hawaii 50? Thank god we can bring that slang back into our vernacular now.

ABC is also planning to air a show called “Cutthroat.” This is a show about a single mother who learns how to deal with high society by running a drug cartel.

I’m a child of the 80’s. Back then no one used the word “comedy/drama” and “drug cartel” in the same sentence. I’m glad to see our drug problems have left the streets and now are on TV. In shows like “Weeds” which is about a single mom that sells drugs… but hey – nothing about high society.

The only thing positive I will say about this show and why, in the end, I’ll probably end up watching it is because it comes to you from none other than Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, whom you may remember created a little (and freaking awesome) show called Reaper. Which the CW squashed like a little bug because it wasn’t about socialites that are in high school – or something “fashion” related.  Because when I think “fashion” I think low budget “CW”… no I don’t.

The joke goes like this. The Olympics started and everyone became fascinated with “curling.” So they told their friends, “Dude! You have to see this! It’s SO stupid!” And that hiked up the ratings of the curling events. Then everyone lost interested – but NBC saw the ratings hike, rearranged the schedule and now we only get to watch curling.

Go NBC. First you kill of Conan. Now Curling.

Olivia Munn, the co-host of G4’s Attack of the Show (fondly called AOTS) will not only be making the leap to the big screen in this summers block buster Iron Man 2, but she may be joining the small screen on a show of her own (she’s had guest spots on Greek and that Jenna Elfman – Accidentally on Purpose)

According to her press release she’s going to stay with AOTS and keep co-hosting. But who knows. I say it’s time to let Alison Haislip move up, but that’s just my little old opinion.

Ghost Hunters is back on March 3rd with their 100 episode. There will be fanfare and a live Q&A with their friend Josh Gates.

Think “Halloween” special and then add 100th episode – so it should be a good one!

And last but not least!!

Season 2 is amazing! With the added cast member – a mord sith named Cara (played by the lovely Tabrett Bethell) – this season is just awesome.

Yes, they defeated Darken Rahl, but now he’s working in the Underworld with the Keeper who will stop at nothing to take over the land of the living AND all the prophecies say that Richard “The Seeker” will fail. But now they say as long as “the pure heart of the mother confessor beats, the Keeper will not win” can’t wait to see what they do to make her heart not so pure, or not so beating.

And that is Aryn’s Cult TV on the Fly.



Over the past week we’ve had some fun right?

Some shows I don’t care about were renewed! Including Gossip Girl, America’s Top Model, 90210 & Super Natural. Normally I’d make a lot of comments, but I feel these shows speak for themselves, and I also feel that you – my beautiful, beautiful readers – don’t watch those shows. (except for maybe Super Natural)


To add insult to, well, insult? ECW is being removed from SyFy to be replaced with a reality show from the WWE… stop me if I’m wrong but isn’t ECW a reality show from the WWE?

To be very honest there isn’t much to talk about right now – so I’ll give you this.

This is a remake of a BBC show from 1971 and it’s rather brilliant thus far. I say check it out.

It has taken the time slot that held the one shot season of Demons on BBC America – Saturdays at 9pm.

Last week started the 2 hour journey into a world that was decimated by plague leaving only a number of survivors and some of those people just aren’t that nice.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you’re enjoying the Olympics! USA!


Hey world! I just wanted to post an apology to all of you who come here for the lack of posts. I’m in school and it’s taking up a lot of my time – that includes TV watching and TV writing time. But I’m hoping this summer I can breath life back into this blog.

For now I will tell you this – Being Human was just picked up for its 3rd Season in the UK. GO BEING HUMAN! I’m stoked, I am – however – NOT stoked about the American Remake. I love these actors and I think they make the show, in the end I don’t see how it’s going to rock without them in it.

Ghost Hunters International – I’ve been told that they’re kicking  butt and taking names this season! Just remember fans, most of those guys on Twitter. <- that it the OFFICIAL Ghost Hunters fan tweets, you should be able to find Dustin and the rest of your favs from there.

Better off Ted – I don’t know many who like this show, but I have to say all you fanboys and avid sci/fi TV geeks really should dig it. From the fact that Ted’s little brothers name is Billy (Bill & Ted) to the episode where Len and Phil went into the basement to find the robot that cleans their floors and in the background was a Derelict from Doctor Who – the writing is brilliant and the cast is crazy awesome.

The CW is also in the works with McG in relaunching the hit show La Femme Nikita. This sounds bad to me. First, it’s the CW and we’ve all seen what the CW does to shows we like (~cough~ Reaper) and then it runs shows like Vampire Diaries that is just plain terrible. Then we add a dash of McG – you may know him as the man who ruined the Terminator Series this past summer with Terminator Salvation and I give you a pile of poop that will be relaunching one of my VERY FAVORITE SHOWS! You know, it would probably hurt less if you just came over and cut out my heart.

What else… hmmm…

After the success of SyFy’s Alice they are now going to show about 2 dozen fairy tale movies. I don’t agree with this. I didn’t care for Alice, I thought the story felt rushed and that they relied on the star power of the film. Yes, the actors were great but its like cooking – if the meat is rancid there is only so much you can do to make it edible and you’ll never be making classic steak tartar with it, regardless of your want.

BBC America has a new show that will be starting up next week called Survivors. Which seems to be a remake of a show from the 1970’s. (We love our remakes don’t we people?) The cast will include Freema Agyeman of Doctor Who fame and Zoe Tapper who was just in BBC America’s Demons (It only aired for one series.)

Oh – SGU was picked up for a second season!

And now I have to study!

Thanks for reading!!



I didn’t think I was going to have the privilege of seeing this installment of the great Doctor until some time when it was sunny and warm, so when my DVR recorded it I was nothing less than elated.

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars was AMAZING!

As we all know David Tennant is nearing the end of his run as the great Doctor Who. Leaving us shortly, Tennant will be replaced by Matt Smith – a twenty-something new boyish doctor who will swoop down into the UK and snatch up Hannah Murray as the new companion of the new Doctor.

I’ve been wondering what they were going to do that would cause the Doctor to regenerate into a new one. Would there be an accident? Would he trip out of the TARDIS and land flat on his face on top of Big Ben? TELL ME MAN WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO DO TO THE GREAT DOCTOR WHO?!!!


In Planet of the Dead the Doctor was warned that then end was coming, he would hear “four knocks.” Well, the end is a slippery slope, which we saw in The Waters of Mars.

Some points are fixed in time. Some point of time can NOT be changed, and when you take it upon yourself to change those fixed points, there will be consequences…

As the Doctor learned when he didn’t just walk away from the Mars Space Station. When he didn’t let the crew die as it was written. Being the last of his kind has finally caused the Doctor to snap. Being alone made it happen much faster…

If you haven’t seen The Waters of Mars – PLEASE do so. It’s brilliant fun! The acting is amazing, the entire cast is just wonderful and the story is great. You think its one you’ve seen before, yes it’s the Doctor in all his glory and his charming anticidotes and boyish fun – but then… but then…

Let me just comment on the makeup and the set too. By far my favorite thus far in the series. (But Blink is still my all time favorite episode…)

NOW I have to wait till Saturday so the second part of The End of Time records, then I can watch the whole special at once! Did you see it? Did you see who’s back? Who came a knockin’?

The Master! (and Donna’s grandad – which is kinda cool. I like the fellow…)

All I can say is – this is going to be good…


I’m starting a Ghost Hunters Fan Blog, outside of Aryn’s Cult TV.

The site will be just for Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy!!

Over the next few weeks I’m going to just put all my Ghost Hunters Blog posts on there, so check it out! I’m still tweaking the format so if you have any ideas – LET ME KNOW!


Ghost Hunters Academy.

Ohhhh… this show is GREAT! No seriously! First I’ll explain why…

We have Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango – two of my very favorite Ghost Hunters and T.A.P.S. members out there. Why do I love them so? They make me laugh! The two of them together is over all a good time, PLUS they’re good at what they do!

Second, college kids that don’t have a clue in the world.

This amuses me in regular “non-televised” world too. Let me tell you who I’m talking about:

Susan Slaughter (no relation to Sgt. Slaughter) – Susan is a “sensi” that is to say she can “feel” spirits and energy. This lead to her crying for no given reason, which is especially fun for everyone else when they don’t know she has a gift at all.

Heathyr Hoffman – Heathyr is psychic. She is young and blonde and doesn’t go on the tours because she doesn’t want it to affect her abilities when she is, later, ghost hunting. This leads to the whole group falling behind schedule so they can take her on a tour AFTER Steve and Tango have already done the tour.

Karl Pfeiffer – I like Karl, thus far. He seems to want this pretty bad and not in a petty way. In a “nose to the grindstone” kinda of way. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KARL!

Ben Smith – Ben’s from the same state as me, and he’s pretty quiet so I don’t have anything on him either…

But I saved the best for last!!

Chris McCune – Chris was a science major. At first I like that about him, what I’m not digging is the need for “glory” all the time. Seriously, dial it down Mr. Smarty Pants. There is no “I” in team (even if there is a “me”)


I missed the first episode, but I caught tonight’s! And boy was it fun!! On the regular Ghost Hunters you never see Steve and Tango so confrontational (well, at least since Brian has left), but on GHA – WOOHOO!

It’s fun. It’s fun to see what they really do, how much time and effort they put into their investigation and how much we don’t have a clue – which is shown by the kids over and over and over again.

If you haven’t seen Ghost Hunters Academy it airs straight after Ghost Hunters on SyFy Wednesdays @ 10pm and it’s wonderful.



The Ghost Hunters were back in Pensacola Florida tonight to take us on a trip to a little light house known as the PENSACOLA LIGHTHOUSE!! (I typed that in a creepy voice)

Pensacola is a military time (for those of you out there that didn’t know that). A little movie called An Officer and a Gentlemen was shot there may moons ago – and to be very honest – Pensacola is a pretty cool location.

In the past of the Ghost Hunters, light houses seem to be a hot spot, just as military establishments seem to bring out the dead and have them wander freely for most to see and sometimes hear.

Pensacola Lighthouse was no exception!

Starting with Jason and Grant. They heard voices, had a few crazy hits on the K2 (that they couldn’t debunk) – they even heard women’s voices but Amy and Kris where no where near their location. But I have to say my favorite moment was when the light on Grant’s camera kept turning on and off – yes, the switched moved on its own – without any rhyme or reason! Grant even switched the light out with a new one, but the experience kept happening.

As for Dustin and Britt – the didn’t pick up much of anything. Honestly, I don’t think Dustin had any experiences, but Britt… when he was with Miss Bruni the felt someone walk “right fricken past” him and they heard tapping and voices when Amy was talking about Ella, a possible woman that had died in the lighthouse keepers room.

(The story was that someone was murdered there, but they crew couldn’t find proof of a murder. At some point it was mentioned to them that a woman had given birth – a rough birth – and had died a few weeks later. Ella would be the woman.)

But my favorite moment was when Amy and Kris had physical contact in the basement of the light house. Something patted Kris on the head as Amy felt a cool breeze pass her.

Over all a good time with the Ghost Hunters tonight AND next week… one of my favorite authors! Samuel Clemens! You may know him as Mark Twain.

No really. I wanna live here.

Ghost Hunters airs on SyFy on Wednesday @ 9pm!


Over the last year(ish) I have been coming on here and talking about different shows that I like and love. These shows range from the flash in the pan like The Unusuals – which never got the chance it deserved – to mega sci/fi hits like Battlestar Galactica – which I own every box set and have bought ever magazine that even just eludes to a cast member of BSG in its glossy pages.

Other shows are all over the map. From Better of Ted (a KILLER comedy that no one seems to watch because of America’s uber obsession with trashy reality television) to the SyFy hit – The Ghost Hunters.

Now, over this time I’ve had comments come my way,  mostly about The Ghost Hunters, where people write me thinking they are speaking to the wonderful Ghost Hunting crew.

I posted a small “note” or disclaimer at the bottom of the last posting because, I’m not affiliated with the Ghost Hunters. I have no way of contacting them, I do not know them. I just like their show.

I like their honestly. I like their sensibility. I think that they are all stand up guys and gals and that is why I want people to know that I am NOT attached to them – because I can be a hot head and yes, sometimes I may comments in a negative light and I don’t want that to be reflected on them in any way shape of form.

That said. The reason I started watching Ghost Hunters five years ago is because my husband and I are big “haunting” fans. I’ve seen almost every freaking Ghost special ever aired by Discovery or the Travel Channel. When Ghost Hunters started I figured they’d be on for a year and that would be the end of it, especially when I heard them say things like “scientific” and “debunk.”

What about the crazy woman dressed in upholstery material that stands across the room talking about “happy orbs” and pointing at unoccupied chairs stating ever so clearly that there is a destitute little boy weep so solemnly in that chair for his mommy and daddy? How can this be a good show when they don’t FIND something every damn time?!!

My husband and I, in our late 20’s, would bunker in every Wednesday night and watch the show regardless. None of our friends wanted to see it because there wasn’t any sequences comparable to Poltergeist in every episode, but you know what there was and still is?


Everyone in this world is going to have their own experiences that help them to relate to this, or any other show for that matter. That’s what brings us back to these show.

For instance, this last episode of Ghost Hunters. At the Blake House they were told of a haunting by a cat. My first apartment where I lived all by my lonesome self I had a cat – well, that’s to say I had something that rubbed against my leg, jumped into bed with me and I heard meow from time to time.

My building allowed no pets.

My friends told me I was crazy – and maybe I was – but I stand firmly on the fact that Bootsy was real and that his little invisible body jumped into bed with me because I sat in my bed and watched the depressions of his paws across my comforter.

What is this long-winded point that I’m trying ever so eloquently to say to you, my readers… I write this site for my own enjoyment. I do NOT get paid for this. I’ve found some of my postings on other sites and I do NOT get paid for those either.

Sometimes I disappeared for a while, that’s because I’m in school because I, just like all those other American’s that are filling in that 10% “unemployed” bracket – I will soon be out of a job and I’m trying like hell to keep my head above water.

I like that people come on here and read my rants about how great Ghost Hunters is or how I think Glee is one of the best things ever created since the invention of the toaster and how people should just stay in on Friday nights and watch Stargate Universe – because while it may need a bit of tweaking it’s AWESOME!

(or even how on March 10th 2010 Scarecrow and Mrs King will FINALLY be available on DVD!)

I love all of my readers because as a writer you are the validation I require to keep doing this – BUT – I don’t want any negative Nelly’s on here.

Yes, there is a chance that I’m going to lose more readers and that’s fine, because I’d don’t want Aryn’s Cult TV to become a form for battering the shows that I love. Yes, you may not agree with my post and I’m not saying you shouldn’t comment, I am saying that inflammatory comments will be deleted. We take these people and raise them up and call them celebrities and then we cut them down and I don’t see that as celebration.

Thank you for reading and stopping by. If this is your last trip here, I wish you well and if not… well, on to the next!