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The Office – Michael Scott Paper Company


I skipped the Office last week.  I feel bad.  This show is so funny.

If you don’t know, Michael, Pam and Ryan are now working together for the Michael Scott Paper Company.  They are, lucky for them, located in the same building as Dunder Mifflin – but there are problems.  There are always problems.

First, they’re situated in an old storage closet.  Second, Ryan is now working for them – “No, she like a 7, but in Scranton…” (poor Pam)

But tonight – the show opened up with cheese puffs.  When cold calling runs out – cheese puffs.  Very funny.

But Michael is Michael, and where he lacks in personal relationship he thrives in selling and it looks like the Michael Scott Paper Company may have a new client – a big client – a Dunder Mifflin Client that was once Dwights.

This show never seems to fail.  Between Jim’s pranks, Michael’s naive look at the world, Dwights… being Dwight, how can it?

The Office is on NBC on Thursday @ 9 pm.  If you have never seen it, you really need to!


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