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Warehouse 13 – Claudia

July 29, 2009

  Who is Claudia you ask? Well, that’s simple… as simple as Warehouse 13 will allow things to be. Claudia Donovan, a precocious 22 year old filled with piss and vinegar, is a genius orphan who is angry at Artie and wants nothing more than to save her brother life. A life that was, in her […]

Updates, News and all that Jazz…

July 28, 2009

As of July 28th you can buy BSG 4.5 and the Complete Series. If you click on that image it will take you to They have the last installment of BSG for a whole whopping $32. Not a bad price since it’s listing at $50. Also, in the same veil of BSG, I was […]

GHI – Houska Castle, Prague

July 28, 2009

  The GHI team was in Prague again last Wednesday at a place known as the “Gates of Hell.” That’s not daunting. No, not at all. Houska Castle is located in Prague in the Czech Republic. The structure was built way back in the 13th century by a man named Ottokar II of Bohemia. (Once […]

Warehouse 13 – Magnetism

July 22, 2009

Did you know that the guillotine that kill Marie Antoinette was a mystical thing? Neither did I. Warehouse 13 opened in France last night and with a bang. Pete decided to do his own thing, again, which put Myka in trouble, nearly being caught by the police! And that, my friends, was the underling theme […]

Ghost Hunters International – Ireland

July 9, 2009

Ghost Hunters International is BACK! And I have to say I actually enjoyed it. When the spin off first started last year I tuned in for a bit, but found myself getting annoyed so I turned off the show and just dismissed it’s existence. Then, the finale of the regular Ghost Hunters had some of […]

Warehouse 13

July 8, 2009

  This week Sci-Fi became SyFy and like the bottle of champagne on the bow of a ship, they crashed into their new persona with new shows. Warehouse 13 would be one of these shows. This, my friends, is the story of two secret service agents Pete Lattimer [Eddie McClintock] and Myka Bering [Joanne Kelly] […]

The Ghost Hunters @ Essex County Hospital

April 30, 2009

  When you see pictures of the place, it’s just plain creepy.  THEN – when you realize that Essex County Hospital housed paitents until 2007… even creepier.  (and lets not forget the estimated 10,000 people that died there too.) Within MINUTES of their arrival at the Hospital things began to happen.  Whispered voices responding to […]


April 28, 2009

It’s been a week since the release of the prequel of BSG.  In that week I’ve heard about how its NOT like Battlestar Galactica.  BSG was in space – Caprica, well, it’s on Caprica.   So I didn’t expect large space battles.  I didn’t wait for fraking adventure around every corner.  I wasn’t let down […]

SciFi (SyFy) Summer Nights…

April 27, 2009

As some of you may know (like those at SciFi is giving themselves an overhaul!  And starting after July 7th they will be “SyFy”  and not SciFi.  I tell you in advance – I will forget and write the wrong thing – my apologies! But, besides the new name and nifty graphics!  SciFi (SyFy) will […]

Counting down to Essex County Mental Hospital AND our favorite Ghost Hunters! ~updated~

April 27, 2009

**THE SECOND YOUTUBE CLIP I HAD UP WAS NOT OVERBROOK!  MY APOLOGIES!*** (it has been removed) Everyone is a buzz over this mid-season final of the Ghost Hunters on SciFi.  Essex County Mental Hospital can only be compared to “DUDE RUN!” Eastern State Penitentiary.  Yes, the TAPS crews has been some some creepy haunts since […]