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The Unusuals, Harper’s Island, Reaper – OH MY!

May 28, 2009

With the announcements of which shows from this lovely season have been cancelled hanging in the air around me, I’m finding it hard to concentrate.  I have the “Renewed/Cancellation” list sitting next to my computer and I find my eyes drifting towards it time and time again. The result is always the same though… I […]

Reaper DMV & Jenny Wade (a.k.a. Nina)

May 24, 2009

This was posted over on the Reaper DMV page and I brought it over here for you to see!  (You should still check out Reaper DMV)   Dear Friends of Reaper, (Hi!) Just wanted to thank the fans for all their efforts. We love our show and look forward to seeing whether or not our […]

More on Saving Reaper!

April 9, 2009

Write to The CW and ABC Studios Express your passion for the show but be respectful and polite. Everyone responds best to courtesy. E-mails are nice but personal snail-mail is even better. Besides The CW, contact ABC Studios (who produces the show) and encourage them to continue producing the show — either for the CW or for a Disney-associated […]

SAVE REAPER!!! Reaper fans, PLEASE read this!!

April 9, 2009

      It was brought to my attention that there is talk about canceling Reaper!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS TV VIEWING WORLD?!  First – BSG finishes up, NEXT they are canceling Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and now… this? What the hell? So here is what I need you to do!  First, I […]