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True Blood – Frenzy

September 1, 2009

What do you get when you cross a church full of crazies, some vampires, the coolest gay character ever, the stackhouses, orgies, beating hearts and inter-species dating? This season of True Blood. I would like to take this moment to stand up from my chair and hand out a slow clap to Miss Evan Rachel […]

True Blood – I Will Rise Up!

August 17, 2009

And here is your recap!  Godric did hand himself over to the church. Tired after being alive for 2000 years, the only thing he wanted was peace, and that is what he claimed for himself up on the roof of the vampire friendly hotel in Texas. Eric had a hard time dealing with the death […]

True Blood

June 22, 2009

Oh Lafayette! Will you ever get a break? Well, Sookie messed up…again. She decided to take Jessica to see her human parents, which ended very poorly. You see, in case you’ve forgotten, Ma and Pa Hamby were the “god fearing” type and Pa liked to use his belt on poor little Jessica, so while she […]

True Blood

May 13, 2009

June 14th marks the return of this vampire friendly show.  I did watch the first season, but I have to say the jury is still out… I know, I know – everyone else on the planet loved it – but I’m mighty picky about my vampires.   (just because there’s a bit of T&A doesn’t […]