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Hung – Do it, Monkey

August 3, 2009

Ray is now working full time as the ho he is. Tanya may not have 100’s of clients for him, but there is on that keeps hiring Ray over and over and over even though he can’t seem to get her fantasy right. That’s the problem with this job. Ray thought that he would just […]

Reaper DMV & Jenny Wade (a.k.a. Nina)

May 24, 2009

This was posted over on the Reaper DMV page and I brought it over here for you to see!  (You should still check out Reaper DMV)   Dear Friends of Reaper, (Hi!) Just wanted to thank the fans for all their efforts. We love our show and look forward to seeing whether or not our […]


May 24, 2009

SO!  The word on the street is that ABC is still working hard to keep Reaper around!  This makes me very happy.  It seems they are trying to pair our lovely soul catcher up with another one of my favorite shows – Legend of the Seeker! For the full story, FOLLOW THIS LINK! (or you […]

Reaper – Business Casualty

May 20, 2009

Oh Sam… will you ever learn? With only one more episode to go in the second of Reaper – you have to sit back and ask yourself, Just how ALL KNOWING is the devil? The Devil gave Sam a new job today in Corporate America.  A cushy little desk job with a beautiful assistant, wonderful […]

Reaper – To Sprong, With Love

May 13, 2009

Tonight on Reaper we learned something new… we learned that female demons can go into heat and when that happens, really lame male demons will hit on the female demons and say things like, “I’m going to make soft, slow love to you – really hard.” We also learned that Bargin Bench has a mascot […]

My Brother’s Reaper

May 6, 2009

Are you a Steve-ist? Reaper opened with everyone on the planet moving in with Sam, Sock and Ben.  First, Nina (which was to be expected, I mean… they DID burn down her warehouse when Ben and Sock attempted to get her out of their lives…) but then stumbles in Morgan.  Poor, broken Morgan. What can […]

No Reaper Left Behind

April 29, 2009

How funny can this show get?  David Lee Roth would have been proud of Sam Oliver last night when he tried to take his teacher to bed to gather secrets about the devil. With Alan out of the picture (the Vegas trick worked.) Sam is running out of options, how ever will he best the […]

Reaper – The Home Stretch

April 22, 2009

With only 5 more episodes to go we grew one step closer to hell tonight! The Devil is the Devil and sometimes I wonder why Sam even tries… isn’t he all knowing?  All evil and powerful?  I’d have to say yes – but Sam seems to think different… A whole bunch happened today so lets […]

Are you a Fairy Bone Mother? Reaper!! “The Good Soil”

April 15, 2009

Sam’s ongoing battle with his destiny for being just plain evil moved forward today – yes.  There was a soul and yes, he escaped from hell – BUT – he was dammed for looking at a woman (carnally) and happened to get hit by a truck, and he’s asmatic AND he’s a virgin! So ask […]

SAVE REAPER!!! Reaper fans, PLEASE read this!!

April 9, 2009

      It was brought to my attention that there is talk about canceling Reaper!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS TV VIEWING WORLD?!  First – BSG finishes up, NEXT they are canceling Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and now… this? What the hell? So here is what I need you to do!  First, I […]