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Just some news stuff!

October 19, 2009

I know what you’re thinking… when the hell is Legend of the Seeker coming back? Isn’t it fall? Shouldn’t we be watching Richard and Kahlan getting all tense around each other as they try to rid the world of evil? Well! You’re answer is November 7th. At least that’s the date the first episode of […]

Jamie Bamber & Summer Glau – Dollhouse

September 30, 2009

Well, I don’t plan on picking up Dollhouse again this season, and to be honest I think it’s my loss. I know – you’re thinking then why don’t I just pick it back up? WELL! I really didn’t like first season (regardless I do love Mutant Army and Joss Whedon), but I’m going to be […]

Dollhouse… Omega

May 9, 2009

After all this time I would like to say I still feel that Dollhouse should be renamed to “The Eliza Dushku – look at me I’m Awesome – Hour”  Yes, that IS a long title… When Wendy/Caroline [Ashley Johnson, whom you may remember as Chrissy Seaver from Growing Pains] said it, “I’m a bad ass!” […]

The Dollhouse…

April 11, 2009

They pulled me back in! Tonight’s episode was really good!  And that is said for all of my house (normally it is split when it comes to Dollhouse in my home – that is, if I say I like it…)  But last week they made the “dolls” human and this week we got to see […]

Actor Andy Hallett passes away from Heart Failure…

April 1, 2009

The following article is from   “It’s a melancholy time in the Whedonverse, as one of its own has passed away before his time. Actor Andy Hallett, who played the demon Lorne in Angel, died Sunday night from heart failure at the age of 33, reports E! Online. He had been battling heart disease for five years. […]

Dollhouse – Echos – FOX Fridays @ 9pm

March 29, 2009

Per-usual, I am behind.   GO ME! I just watched the latest installment of Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse,” called “Echos” – which originally aired on the 27th.  (what was life like before DVR?  It was a sad, sad world…) So, Dollhouse, or as I like to call it, the “Eliza Dushku Trying to be Sexy Hour” […]

Dollhouse – FOX 9pm Fridays

March 25, 2009

  Dollhouse is the story of a company that “finds” the (according to the last episode) HOTTEST people out there that are expendable enough to have their lives wiped from their memory and become a blank canvas to be “imprinted” with special DNA to allow the Doll to do certain jobs.  Maybe this job is […]