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Being Human – Mitchell and Josie

August 26, 2009

This is by far the one show I look forward to every week, which is a bad thing because there is only one more episode left…  This past Saturday a lot happened. First, Mitchell decided he was done. After Bernie, he was broken and Herrick sold him the Brooklyn Bridge for a buck. He told […]

Being Human – Mitchell and Bernie

August 18, 2009

I’m still overly pleased with myself for giving this show a chance. I really like it all around and I’m happy to hear that the second series is in production over seas… that doesn’t mean I’ll ever get to see it! But I’m happy that even if us yanks can’t figure it out, someone somewhere […]

Being Human

July 29, 2009

  I have to be honest. When I read about this show a few months back I made fun of it a bit. The general idea of a “Real World” Horror edition in Bristol seemed like a bad idea. Like “Green Eggs and Ham” if you will. A Ghost. A Werewolf. A Vampire. And they’re […]