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The Ghost Hunters – the old SWITCH-A-ROO!

November 12, 2010

  Hello all! Well, I haven’t been on here in close to a year, but here I am now so phoey on you! And why do I come here, well to be honest, even though I haven’t written in a while I still have been receiving a few comments about the Ghost Hunters. Seems that was […]

GHI – Austria

August 1, 2009

Ghost Hunters International took us to Austria this week. And while I keep looking I couldn’t find the Von Trapps anywhere…  Starting in Unternberg, Austria at the “Witch’s Castle,” the GHI crew explored a 13th century Castle named Moosham. (pictured below) In the above image, Moosham Castle looks almost picturesque, but when you start hearing […]

Ghost Hunters International – Cesty Castle and the Manor House

July 17, 2009

This week on GHI – the International TAPS crew set off to the Czech Republic and Norther Ireland. Starting in the Czech Republic they visited the Cesty Castle. The castle boasted 43 different building, 5 courtyards and acres worth of property. Not to forget, the possibility of Saintly remains, a dungeon where they would just toss […]

Ghost Hunters International – Ireland

July 9, 2009

Ghost Hunters International is BACK! And I have to say I actually enjoyed it. When the spin off first started last year I tuned in for a bit, but found myself getting annoyed so I turned off the show and just dismissed it’s existence. Then, the finale of the regular Ghost Hunters had some of […]