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Anthony Bourdain – NO Reservations! Here’s your weekly fix…

April 6, 2009

So you miss Bourdain.  You miss his antics, his travels, his unrelenting bashing of the food network, Ryan Seacrest, vegetarians and the many other things he likes to slap around as he travels this great big world looking for the best food around. Sometimes, on Mondays, you get all excited because you think – “IT’S […]

Anthony Bourdain – No Reservation. Travel Channel – Mondays @ 10p

March 31, 2009

  Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations:   I have seen all of his shows. I have read his book. I know his life inside and out. In my opinion he has one of the greatest jobs out there. He gets to travel the world, eat food and talk about it. No. I do not wish […]