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Just some news stuff!

October 19, 2009

I know what you’re thinking… when the hell is Legend of the Seeker coming back? Isn’t it fall? Shouldn’t we be watching Richard and Kahlan getting all tense around each other as they try to rid the world of evil? Well! You’re answer is November 7th. At least that’s the date the first episode of […]

Harper’s Island

July 15, 2009

We’ve Crackled, Twacked, Gurgled and Gasped are way to the end of Harper’s Island – CBS’ murder mystery thriller that told the story of a group of people living on an island named Harper who live in the shadow of a murdering spree that took place 7 years earlier by the hands of one John […]

The Unusuals, Harper’s Island, Reaper – OH MY!

May 28, 2009

With the announcements of which shows from this lovely season have been cancelled hanging in the air around me, I’m finding it hard to concentrate.  I have the “Renewed/Cancellation” list sitting next to my computer and I find my eyes drifting towards it time and time again. The result is always the same though… I […]

Cancelled and Renewed – look at me eating my own words…

May 20, 2009

Cancelled list: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles (we’ve known about this for a long time…) The Unusuals Harper’s Island Renewed list: Dollhouse… (Yes, this is me eating my words.) Better Off Ted (YIPPIEE!) Scrubs (yes ABC, run it right into the ground…) Parks and Recreations The Office 30 Rock Fringe Still no word on Reaper… […]

Summer Releases!

May 14, 2009

  MERLIN – This is a fantasy series about the adventures of Merlin and Arthur BEFORE they were the greatest Wizard and King of all time.  Set to premier on Sunday, June 21st @ 8pm. Merlin is a BBC show (actually from the same people who brought you Doctor Who) – here is a clip […]

Harper’s Island – THWACK!

May 11, 2009

Another sound effect… I guess that’s what it would sound like when a hatched dropped from the ceiling and into your head… BUT I’M GETTING A HEAD OF MYSELF!  (pun intended) No ones getting married on this pretty little island we like to call  Harper’s… I don’t care what you think.  How can they?  Most […]

BANG!!! Harper’s Island

May 4, 2009

Every week is titled by a sound effect.  “BANG!”  “KA-BOOM!” “THWACK!”  And each week someone new loses their life… As the clues are being left out for all to see and the body count is piling up you have to ask yourself one question… if one of your old friends invites you to a week […]

Harper’s Island – Ka-Blam

April 25, 2009

This is my new favorite show – and on CBS!  Who would’ve thunk it?! In case you don’t already know – Harper’s Island is the dream of every horror movie lover out there.  Each week we get to watch a mini- horror movie as we move one step closer to finding just who’s doing all […]

Harper’s Island

April 21, 2009

I received an email about this show 2 weeks ago and then promptly forgot to watch the premier.  It’s first episode aired the same night (and the same time) as Southland – so it, honestly, just slipped my mind. Then last week, I remember to at least set up the DVR so that I could […]

Fringe is safe!! But don’t get attached to your dolls…

April 15, 2009

It was announced today that FOX will be renewing Fringe for another season, so all of you out there that have been so worried we would once again lose another well crafted and written TV show to the Reality TV Gods, please take a sigh of relief!   According to – Fringe, Lie to […]