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Hung Finale

September 14, 2009

Well, Hung’s finale was tonight – and here we go. Ray is now working with both Tanya and Lenore – he had no choice since he’s being “laid off” from teaching school. Jessica is stepping out on her new husband, who wish he was stepping out on her. Ray’s neighbor is still out of town […]

Hung – This is America or Fifty Bucks

September 1, 2009

You’ve just gotta love a woman that is willing to stand up and say – you will do this, my way and you will do it now! Yes, Lenore was back. Feeding her dog table scraps and tossing Tanya to the side. I’d like to tell you that I was surprised by either of those […]

Hung – Thith Ith a Prothetic or You Cum Just Right

August 25, 2009

I have to say, while I really do like this show – Hung was a bit depressing this past Sunday. I just wanted to give both Ray and Tanya a hug. Some people just suck… Ray’s date with Jemma ended and then the entire relationship just ended, and she paid Tanya. Seems she wanted to […]

Hung – The Rita Flower or the Indelible Stench

August 18, 2009

Didn’t you used to be Ray Drecker? That’s how next weeks episode of Hung is said to begin. But this last week only left me asking myself one question… Did Ray REALLY think that Jemma was going to be “the One?” On one hand it’s sweet. Wanting to find true love, especially when you’re now […]

Hung – Do it, Monkey

August 3, 2009

Ray is now working full time as the ho he is. Tanya may not have 100’s of clients for him, but there is on that keeps hiring Ray over and over and over even though he can’t seem to get her fantasy right. That’s the problem with this job. Ray thought that he would just […]

Hung – Strange Friends, or the Truth is You’re Sexy!

July 21, 2009

Oh Happiness Consultants! Well, it turns out that Lenore not only took Ray’s wallet, she maxed out his credit card and THEN refused to pay for the sex. Yes, that Lenore is a charmer – which makes me wonder why, oh why, Tanya still insists working with her. Fine. Maybe she is legit, but I […]

Hung – Great Sausage or can I call you Dick?

July 13, 2009

Being a male escort is hard – pun intendent. So, this week on HBO’s new series Hung, Ray and Tanya decide to take things to the next level. What does a high paid male escort really need? High paying clientele! And where do you find that clientele? You track down an old co-worker that you’re […]

Hung – HBO

June 30, 2009

Hung is the newest HBO series that premiered this past Sunday just after True Blood. It is the story of a man named Ray who is divorced, broke and broken. So broken he decides to use the one thing that he has that he knows he can market get raise the money he needs to […]