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Dr Who and the Waters of MarsThe long anticipated “Waters of Mars” Doctor Who special airs in 3 whole days! Yes, you read that right. David Tennant will be back once more as our favorite Doctor saving the day on Mars come this Sunday, November 15th at 7pm… in the UK. For us Brits, we need to be a bit more patient…

Doctor Who – Waters of Mars won’t hit our air waves until December 19th on BBC America – 1 MORE MONTH TO GO!

And you thought Santa wasn’t going to give you anything for Christmas…

being_human_menuThis lovely little treat that aired this past summer – Being Human is working hard at filming the second season of this wonderful show. PLUS it was announced that the old Yanks decided to take the idea and bring it on over State side.

I’m still out on this one.

On one hand I’m excited, because I LIKE Being Human, but on the other hand I LOVE the actors on the British version. I have a hard time seeing anyone else in those roles – plus – (and this is a big one) Americans are all hopped up on these stupid “I’m a good vampire” that stands by the Bramstokers rules from 100 years ago.

The vamps in Being Human aren’t you “Twilight” “True Blood” variety – in my opinion… they’re better. Plus, I love the whole history behind the haunting and the werewolf is so rad! (Once again, I will repeat – the actors on Being Human rock)

Here’s a little behind the scenes looks at Season 2:


Ghost-HuntersLast night the Ghost Hunters visited two places. Amos J. Blake house in New Hampshire and the Arbona Building in Pensacola Florida.

Amos J. Blake House MuseumThe Amos J. Blake house, which resides in the town of Fitzwillam New Hampshire, was built way back in 1837. There were 4 reported deaths in the home, 3 boys and Mrs. Blake herself and many reports of activity over the years.

The team showed up and did what they do best – a little debunking, a little contact – and here are my favorite two moments!

First the cat.

Upon arrival and during their tour, the T.A.P.S. team was told about a little kitty cat that haunts the Blake house. This isn’t something that they’ve encountered before, or maybe they have and just didn’t mention it, but I really don’t feel that anyone believed the stories of the “haunting cat.”

So when they found an EVP of a cat meowing and on top of that and a personal experience in the basement of something rubbing against Jason’s leg, the smell of cat urine and then topped off with the sound of a low meow caught on audio an heard by their own ears, I think Jason and Grant were happily surprised.

The other super cool moment was when Amy setup her little camera in the old kitchen to see if she and Kris could catch some movement in there. The moment they exited the room there was a loud noise – upon review they found that some items had moved unexpentantly.

Upon CLOSER review they found that the chains moved before all the other items in the area – which makes NO SENSE!

I think it was one of the coolest things they caught on tape in a while!

Other activity at the Blake House included Jason and Grant telling the possible “child” entity to turn on their flash light – which they did, but there was no follow up and some K2 hits around the area that their hostess commented about seeing a young boy.

The next stop was in Pensacola Florida Arbona Building (a.k.a. Historic Museum)

pensacola-historical-museumThere were a lot of claims made about a possible haunting at this location. From something trying to sneak its way into a woman’s purse to weird stacking of books to the sight of a shadow walking through the building.

Maybe it’s real – or maybe it was a trick of mirrors, glass and sunlight!?

But the only happenings at this location was a loud noise that seemed to elude Amy and Kris when they were investigating the second level attempting to debunk the purse claim.

Steve and Tango were not on this investigation – currently working on the new SyFy show, Ghost Hunter Academy, Dustin and Britt filled in.

I didn’t have a chance to watch Ghost Hunter Academy, but I’ll attempt to get something up here later today.

Ghost Hunters can be seen on the all new SyFy on Wednesdays @ 9pm.


I am in NO WAY connected with The Ghost Hunters. I do not know them, I have never spoken with them and I have NO WAY of contacting them.

I would like to thank all of the people who comment on the different episodes, but I can’t get your letters to them. I would suggest that you attempt to contact T.A.P.S. directly through their website or contact SyFy network about the show.

(I’m not even sure they know this blog exists… but I wish you all luck in your endeavors.)



The Ghost Hunters were in Colorado visiting the runner up from The Great American Ghost Hunt.


Briarhurst ManorBuilt in 1888, Dr. Willam A. Bell used Briarhurst as his home in Colorado, while he was in the States working. For more of an extensive history – follow this link!

Claims went from shadows to footsteps to bleeding walls, and lucky for us The Ghost Hunters were not left disappointed.

I want to say the most haunted area of the house was the attic, which was situated above The Palmer room. Foot steps galore!!

They debunked the bleeding walls, there was a big possibility that it was this red cleaner that was located in the bathroom just above the bleeding wall. And as for the creepy skeleton lady, no one saw her all night.

But with a few cool EVPS, on they didn’t hear and several of a woman or girls voice that they heard on the stop – Briarhurst Manor surprised even Jason!

Next week Eddie McClintock from the SyFy hit show Warehouse 13, will be guest starring when they go visit the final resting place of Buffalo Bill.

And if you can’t wait that long – this Saturday there will be a mini-marathon of the creepiest and scariest places your favorite T.A.P.S. members have visited. Hosted by Josh Gates of Destination Truth.


legend-of-the-seeker-poster1 I know what you’re thinking… when the hell is Legend of the Seeker coming back? Isn’t it fall? Shouldn’t we be watching Richard and Kahlan getting all tense around each other as they try to rid the world of evil?

Well! You’re answer is November 7th.

At least that’s the date the first episode of Season 2 is set to air, but if you just can’t wait 3 more friggin weeks, because it surly is a long time, The Complete First Season is available on DVD.

If you don’t want to buy it from, I’m sure you can pick it up at your local Target or Best Buy. And THEN, you can watch it ever so slowly as we count down the days to Season 2…

SouthlandThe much anticipated, possibly hit show will NOT be returning as previously planned. Even after filming 6 whole episodes, NBC decided to pull the show.

Word on the street is that even though the rating were “iffy” last season, NBC had decided to take a chance on the show, but after viewing said 6 episodes they decided it was just TOO “raw and gritty” for us we folk.

Personally, I think it has more to do with the fact NBC allowed Jay “I’m too annoying to retire” Leno fill the cop drama’s time slot.

Did you ever wonder what it looked like to sell your soul to the devil? Just go watch the Leno show – it’s like a train wreck. And then when you’re done, go watch Conan on Late Night so you can see what comedy really looks like.

Ghost-HuntersGrant Wilson announced on Twitter yesterday that he and his co-star Jason Hawes, will not be doing the Live Halloween special this year.

Yes, you will see your two favorite “what the frag” Ghost Hunters, but their segments will be pre-taped. This year they will be spending the holiday with their families.

I say go you! Halloween with kids is SO MUCH FUN! Yes, we will miss you, but it’s not like you’re leaving us forever now is it?

the-beautiful-lifeI’ve never seen this show, nor do I want to – mostly this is just me ripping on the CW.

Seems “The Beautiful Life” (or TBL, cuz things are better when we abbreviate) will not be making it. The shows been on for only one hot second and it seems that the CW is pulling it.

Some say it’s due to Mischa Barton – you know – because personal chaos hurts shows… I think it’s probably because the CW has the management skill of a 14 year old at McD.

Yes, I’m still bitter about the canceling of the late, great show – Reaper.

But hey! The now have every teenage soap know to man – and all of them complete crap. Hm… wonder how those 30 year old vampires on Vamp Diaries are doing? Polanski?

MelrosePlace1I’d say surprise, but really?

I think the only member of the female cast that can act is Stephanie Jacobsen. I mean, Ashley Simpson? Katie Cassidy? <- Let’s just say Harper’s Island wasn’t gonna get you an Emmy and this will probably get you a razzie!

But then again, I didn’t even watch the original version of this show, so why would I watch a mediocre remake? (Plus Jacoben was on one of the best shows ever – Terminator:TSCC, which was canceled, but hey they left us with Dollhouse!)

dollhouseEven though pretty much every actor that I came from a show I loves is now on this show (Summer Glau – Firefly, Terminator: TSCC, Jamie Bamber – BSG, L&O:UK) the ratings STILL STINK!

Yes. I still think that FOX was scared seeing that the late great Firefly is STILL a hit, and since the cancelled that show, they had better hold on to whatever Joss Whedon was handing them… to bad this time it really not good at all. It’s actually SO BAD that FOX isn’t even airing it during November sweeps. Yup. Ouch.

ABCAs for ABC, it seems that they are already planning on canceling Hank, The Forgotten, Castle and Eastwick.

Hank was Kelsey Grammer’s new show. I know nothing about this show, I didn’t even know it existed until I saw it on the “Cancelled” list for ABC. That probably isn’t a good sign for them… and when I searched it – nada…

The Forgotten was Christian Slater’s attempt at a new show. Evidently he’s afraid he’ll be “forgotten” sadly, he won’t, for he will be remember as that guy that kept doing really crappy shows later in his life.

Castle… this just make me sad – I love Nathan Fillion. Last year they kept going back and forth between canceling and keeping this show, so maybe they’ll change their mind.

Eastwick – cuz it’s not 1987 and your not Cher, Susan Sarandon or Michelle Pfeiffer. It just hit me, my husband must have LOVE this moving as a kid. His two crushes… Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer… ANYWAY – why are we trying to make television shows out of movies that aired over 20 years ago? What the hell – there have to be at least 50,000 writers in L.A. proper – just look harder.

cbsFor CBS their two that will most likely be out of here by May are Three Rivers and Cold Case.

Three Rivers – I don’t know what this show is about. Someone wanting to save someone because if a television show doesn’t have high moral content then it might just be fun?

Cold Case – I’ll believe it when I see it. They’ve been saying for years this show would be cancelled, but it just never went away… maybe now it will. Maybe we’re entering a new era that is about more things than cops… oh wait, we are – welcome back medical drama…

Large_NBC_logo-1I actually think the age of the sitcom is on its way back in – just look at NBC’s Thursday lineup with 30 Rock, The Office, Community and Parks and Rec – and then let’s at to it that the head of Law & Order, Trauma and Mercy are probably out.

Law & Order – how can you be surprised by this? It’s been on the air since I was in high school – and I haven’t been in high school for a long while now. Plus, this show just became redundant. How could it not be? Sorry L&O, I used to love you – but that was like circa 1999.

Trauma – My problem with this show is I hear the name and I think of Emergency, yes, that Randolph Mantooth drama from back in the 70’s. And then I saw the commercials – really? Are you serious? If you want to make something that over dramatic make a medical drama about a unit in the middle east – WAIT! Just remake M.A.S.H.

Why must everything be in slow motion? Michael Bay does TV.

Mercy – because we’ve grown tired about hearing how sad rich doctors are so now we get to hear about caring nurses… (Hawthorne?)

foxAnd for FOX!! ‘Til Death, Brothers and Dollhouse…

‘Til Death, I was surprised it made it this far, but hey – this isn’t my kinda show. But still, I’m a fan of Brad Garrett so I always wished them the best.

Brothers – I know nothing about this show so I can’t even make a snarky comment… but it looks as though it’s getting the boot.

And we already covered Dollhouse. (This week on Dollhouse, FOX regrets canceling Terminator: TSSC and keeping this steamy mess of…)

I’d tell you about the CW but mostly I don’t like them – yes – Reaper. The one good show they had.

Oh and I want to give a shout out to Modern Family! If you haven’t seen this one yet, you should totally check it out. It’s very funny.

Now – on to real life, whatever that is…


FringeI’ve been teetering on this show this season… they keep losing me and then they’ll do something that brings me back. Yes, the repetition of this movement is starting to drive me slowly batty… but still on hang on.

Last night we moved a step closer to how warped the world can be in the land of Fringe, and that it was. People feeding off of other peoples emotions – weird.

Olivia is still meeting with Sam Weiss about her depression and just recovering from losing Charlie. Peter still knows everything – except for the fact that he’s from a different dimension and the Peter Walter had with his wife all those years ago is dead.

I do like that Massive Dynamic is working with the FBI this season – I like seeing something/one else being the issue – but I fear them going over the top.

Fringe is on FOX on Thursdays at 9pm.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out… and then let me know what you think!  I like other peoples opinions, sometimes they make me look at things from a different light.


30 RockWelcome back 30 Rock! Seriously, how did we live with out you for so long…

I don’t know… I just don’t know…

Over all the premier of 30 Rock was spot on – from Liz and Pete pretending to have an affair with each other just so the actors wouldn’t find out that Jack wanted them to hire new talent. To Kenneth going on strike (with everyone who ever wanted to strike) – I was happy to be back at 30 Rock where I could see just how out of their minds everyone there is.

Tracy tried to find his “roots” since he’s been rich too long. Jenna, well, she can’t be under blue gels because it makes her teeth transparent…

And Jack – well the makes more money than should be allowed.

It was a good show. I found myself laughing out loud and was happy to see that Frank’s hats were still funny too.

Parks And Recreation

Last night Leslie Knope invited their sister country’s Parks & Rec to come to Pawnee to celebrate their undying love of government and nature.

But sadly, the people from Venezuela were only interested in one thing… well two – getting everyone to say they love Hugo Chavez on video and Donna.

Leslie was offered, after being insulted repeatedly, all the money she needed to build her park – but she tore up the check once she was informed that her guests were really there to get them to like Chavez and humiliate Americans.


Now that Pam and Jim are finally married we can move on – you know, until they have their baby and until Michael realizes taking advice from Dwight and Andy probably is about as smart as letting Kevin accidently cancel your Capital One card while you’re on your honeymoon…

Oh the Office and their antics.

Yes – if you’re American Italian you must be part of the Mob.

I think my favorite moment was when I realized that Andy was about to blow up that nice woman’s car… See what happens when the ying of their yang leaves town… utter chaos.


I just really like this show. I think that the writing is smart and the actors are pretty funny.

I enjoy how they use Joel McHale’s Soup and Stand-up background and roll it into the show. It does make me giggle.

So, if you’ve been avoiding this because you decided to do the old “judge the book by its cover” you’re being overly lame…

Community is part of this awesome NBC Thursday night block – and I have to say Welcome Back NBC! After Friends ended it was a bit of a struggle for you wasn’t it – but you held true and now look at what you’ve got… the funniest sitcoms on TV.

See you next week!


GleeLast night on Glee the truth of Quinn Fabray hit the internet – yes – our favorite Jewish Blogger, Jacob Ben Isreal [Josh Sussman] spilled the beans after being threatened by Sue – our favorite terrifying cheerleading coach.

But really, I’m just starting at the end.

Principle Figgins made Sue co-director of Glee, which she used to pull the Glee club apart. This is no surprise seeing that has been her plan from the start.

And it almost worked. Playing on the insecurities of the kids – she decided to divide and conquer the Glee club.

At first it didn’t seem like it would fall apart, but when Quinn begins to get jealous of Finn’s time with Rachel she helps Sue move the ball forward until it’s just her, Rachel and Finn verses the rest of Glee.

Rachel finds out first that Jacob is planning on outing Quinn on his blog, and she offers up her panties to make it not happen. Yes – it was more for Finn than Quinn, but at least she didn’t throw Quinn to the piranhas of high school – much unlike Sue, who once she found out was very much heart broken that her star Cherrio didn’t trust her enough to come to her.

Glee knew – but not her Cherrios…

In the adult portion of the show, Terri went to a new all time low when she and her crazy sister blackmailed the obstetrician into lying to Will about her being pregnant at all.

So, Will thinks his wife is pregnant, which she isn’t.

Finn thinks Quinn is pregnant with his baby, which she isn’t. (It’s Puck’s)

Sue is hurt and angry at Quinn for not trusting her enough to tell her about the pregnancy.

Principle Figgins finally stood up to Sue.

And next week – there’s marriage in the air… and Will may be doing the music…


Ghost-HuntersYesterday on Ghost Hunters the TAPS crew was back in good old Canada, visiting the Limestone City – Kingston Ontario and the ever so haunted Fort Henry.

FortHenry1Old Fort Henry was built way back for the War of 1812. Designed to keep us old Yankees out of the Queen’s Republic (Fort Henry was built by the Brits), the War of 1812 was only the beginning of the history of this now living museum. (A living museum is a historical site that’s historical guides dress up in period costume to tell you about the history of the place.)

There was a second portion of the Fort built later between 1932-1837 and then back in old WWII, Fort Henry became a camp for POWs.

So this is the equation we have: Kingston, Ontario – a.k.a. the “Limestone City” – Limestone has been associated with haunting and poltergeist – then we add to that the building is a military establishment that has housed POWs, seen war time and has even hanged a few people…

The math is in place…

First I’d like to start with Tango and Steve… why? Because I think they are the funniest guys on TV. In my mind they are the Abbott and Costello in the paranormal world. I mean that as a very sincere compliment! Whenever I watch Ghost Hunters I find I wait for their spots because they always make me giggle.

You know what? I lied… I’ll come back to them.

JASON & GRANT! First, in the Officers Quarters – there was tapping. Now, it’s an old building. Yes, I get that – but it was said that held to his death in the Officers Quarters, Nils Von Schultz, a Finnish-born Swedish National who helped the American’s by leading the Battle of the Windmill, can still be seen and heard… or maybe it’s just heard.

When Jason decided to knock three times on the glass that separated them from the actual Officers Quarters, he received a knock back. And then, when Grant did the same and Jason placed his hand on the glass – he felt the vibrations from the returning knock.

Yeah. Cool. Right?

So, it was also said that some visitors, mostly children, felt sick in that area. Like something was pushing on their chests, etc. Jason and Grant realized that the EMF reading were super high in the area at kid level. The reading actually affected Jason who had to leave the room to get back his stability.

They then went over to the Bakery where Grant saw a figure walk past the window – what’s creepy is that it didn’t walk past the open door just next to the window.

As they were investigating this a door across the room, this was caught on 3 cameras, the  door swung closed, opened and then slammed shut. When Jason went over to examine the door he says he felt like someone/something was pulling the door on the other side.

They open the door and ask, out loud if “they” can do it again, and on the prompt – the door slammed shut.

NOW – Back to Steve and Tango – later in the investigation they made their way back to the Bakery where the OTHER door slammed shut.

Same room. Four different people. Two different doors.


Moving over to Amy and Kris – when they made it over to the Officers Quarters they also heard knocking. But unlike the knocking Jason and Grant heard, it seemed that it was moving around them. First on their left and then over to their right – whatever spirit was there seemed to want to reign them up in the middle of the hallway.


Yes, they did some EVP work and worked with the K2 – but guess what guys? Next week on Ghost Hunters – NEW EQUIPMENT!  Jason tweeted about this a few weeks ago, and let me tell you – I CAN’T WAIT!

Heading over to the great town of Chicago, the TAPS crew will be visiting the Congress Theater.

Congress Theater - ChicagoThis is one of the first movie theaters EVER to be built. It was erected back in 1926 by Bubliner and Trinz – a movie chain that is no longer with us.

All I know is that the trailer for next week looked awesome, and with Halloween coming up fast, you know all the good episodes are almost here!

If you love this show as much as I do, you should head over to SyFy and check out all the behind the scenes of the show!

And if that’s not enough, Amy Bruni, Kris Williams, Dave Tango, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson all have twitter accounts!

(Oh and Jason and Grant just released a paranormal book called Seeking Spirits, which you can buy on


gleeOK. SO! Finn is falling apart because he is stressed about Quinn being pregnant, plus he can’t stop thinking about Rachel (even if she screams Swim Fan…). Quinn is depressed, well, because she’s pregnant and only in high school. Rachel is waking up at 6 am every day to motivate herself to get a Grammy and well Mr. Schuester and Miss Pillsbury relationship is becoming more visible to the people around them.

SO – our favorite crazy coach of the Cherrios’s head over to make a visit to Terry Schuester (Will’s not really pregnant, “I’m not built to work 5 days a week” wife) and lets her in on the notion that Emma Pillsbury has a thing for her husband and maybe, just maybe, she should come work at the school as the school nurse to spy on them.

Except that Terry is an assistant manager at sheets and things, which doesn’t really qualify her to be a nurse – but hey – it’s “public” school so who cares!

With things falling in place Terry tells Ken that he has to ask Emma to marry him – even though one of he has psoriasis and one of his testicles refuses to descend – and then she starts “helping” out with the student body. By drugging them.

Ken does propose to Emma, and after a few stipulations like they’ll never live together and he’s not allowed to touch her, she says yes.

Terry is fired from the school after her drug dealing days are discovered.

Rachel makes nice with Quinn, even though if the shoe was on the other foot Quinn would have ripped her apart. AND Quinn decided to give her baby to Mrs. Schu – but Terry won’t pay for anything… so it’ll be nice to see how that plays out.

Glee is on FOX Wednesdays @ 9pm!


Ghost-HuntersLast night on South Park Ike was having a problem seeing dead celeberties… not surprising seeing that they’ve been dropping like flies this past year. BUT since no one would believe him that he was being haunted by the ghost of Billy Mays, they decided to call in TAPS.

If you missed it I’d check it out online – it was very funny. And the TAPS crew watched it too. (At least that’s what I got from their tweets about the episode.)

MOVING ON! Last night on Ghost Hunter…

Jason, Grant, Steve, Kris, Tango, Amy and Joe Chin (from Ghost Hunters International) investigated the USS Salem. A battle ship that live in Quincy, Massachuset.

uss-salemI think the haunts, the stores that they were told about, that surprised me the most was the birthing area. The USS Salem was built between 1944-1949 and at the time, at least I was under the impression, that there really weren’t many ladies on board Navy ships.

Jason and Grant heard footsteps a few times and at one point they even heard a faint voice in the Anchor Windlass Room. Also, Steve and Tango heard a weird knocking (and found some really, really old cake) in the Bakery.

Amy and Joe heard what sounded to them like a metal door, slightly closing but the curator of the USS Salem noted that it sounded like a metal chair pulling across the metal floor.

Later when Jason and Grant went to the Bakery they heard footsteps again.

During the reveal they found an EVP that sounded like a woman’s voice and they noted high EMF readings.

Moving up to Canada to the Cornwall Jail in Ontario:

Cornwell Jail

Besides the horrific story about a woman that was raped and murdered there – while the guards watched.

The creepiest thing that happened was that one of the jail cells closed on its own.

Amy and Kris felt anxious and Amy had a tight feeling in her chest but they soon realized that they were surrounded by electrical wires – and the EMF reading were all the way up to a 62. An average reading should never be that high.

And if you missed it! This past Wednesday on South Park, Ike was seeing dead celebrities and was possessed by the dead spirit of Michael Jackson so that he could finally be what he always wanted to be – a small white girl. AND the Ghost Hunters were called in to help them (even though they couldn’t).

Next Wednesday the T.A.P.S. will be staying in Canada and visiting Fort Henry in Kingston Ontario. Only one site… hmmm… that means it’ll probably be a big one!

FortHenry1The place is BIG…

Ahh… how I love the Ghost Hunters!

and if you don’t know – you can follow Jason, Grant, Kris and Amy all on twitter. (And SyFy too!)