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Aryn’s Cult TV

September 27, 2009

Due to some family issues Aryn’s Cult TV will be down for about a week or so. I promise to have it back up and running as soon as I can, but for now, please go watch TV and tell me about it! Bother you all soon! ~Aryn

The last episode of the Unusuals

June 18, 2009

Being a female cop in NYC can’t be easy and then on top of that add that you come from one of the richest families in the city… it can make things a bit awkward for most. That’s the premise behind the character of Detective Casey Shraeger [Amber Tamblyn], that she’s a “rich girl” who […]

The Unusuals Finale

June 4, 2009

Yes.  It’s true.  The Unusuals is still NOT set to return this fall.  This makes me sad. Tonight’s episode didn’t leave me dangling off the side of a cliff, but it made me angry because I just really like this show. It doesn’t look like the petition is doing too well, but that just reaffirms […]

The Unusuals, Harper’s Island, Reaper – OH MY!

May 28, 2009

With the announcements of which shows from this lovely season have been cancelled hanging in the air around me, I’m finding it hard to concentrate.  I have the “Renewed/Cancellation” list sitting next to my computer and I find my eyes drifting towards it time and time again. The result is always the same though… I […]


May 22, 2009

Now, I’ll admit, I’ve gone after Dollhouse – but I have to say, I’m not SAD that it’s cancelled.  Granted, I won’t watch next season, but at least a show that is NOT in the reality TV category is back for fall ’09. BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t save other shows!  Now, I know […]

Cancelled and Renewed – look at me eating my own words…

May 20, 2009

Cancelled list: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles (we’ve known about this for a long time…) The Unusuals Harper’s Island Renewed list: Dollhouse… (Yes, this is me eating my words.) Better Off Ted (YIPPIEE!) Scrubs (yes ABC, run it right into the ground…) Parks and Recreations The Office 30 Rock Fringe Still no word on Reaper… […]

42 – The Unusuals

April 30, 2009

The number 42 is a rather auspicious number, and it has been following Banks around since he was a child – and then, right after his friend was shot – 42 EVERYWHERE!  Tonight’s installment of The Unusuals brought us to terms with Frank and Nathan.  Sometimes, just because they’re an old friend – doesn’t mean […]

The Unusuals – One Man Band & Crime Slut

April 23, 2009

I was going to write about each episode separately, but I figured – TWO FOR ONE! Tuesdays episode was called “One Man Band,” and guess what?  The show opened up with a One Man Band being chased by Banks and Delahoy – and when it looks like the man is going to get away, Delahoy […]

The Unusuals – Boorland Day

April 16, 2009

The tricky thing about a new series is taking that first episode, those 45 minutes, and tell us – the viewers – EVERYTHING we need to know to fully understand and enjoy the show at hand.  And sometimes, due to all of that info being crammed into such a small space of time people will […]

2 Cop Dramas and Amy Poehler – a few of last weeks pilots!

April 13, 2009

There are 3 shows that premiered this past week that I’m going to touch on.  The first one is called The Unusuals and is on ABC on Wednesdays at 10pm, the second is called Southland which premiered on NBC last Thursdays and will continue in the old ER time slot of 10pm and lastly Parks […]