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The Office – Michael Scott Paper Company

April 17, 2009

I skipped the Office last week.  I feel bad.  This show is so funny. If you don’t know, Michael, Pam and Ryan are now working together for the Michael Scott Paper Company.  They are, lucky for them, located in the same building as Dunder Mifflin – but there are problems.  There are always problems. First, they’re situated […]

OMG! Can you believe Pam went with him?! The Office – NBC – Thursdays

April 1, 2009

  I really don’t know anyone that isn’t watching The Office.  This is the one show where I’ll hear my guy friends say things like, “Do you think Pam and Jim are going to make it?!”  And it cracks me up. This is also the show that most people I know who didn’t watch it, […]


March 30, 2009

COMING SOON!!! I promise you that in the next 48 hours I will have something up about the following show: Doctor Who – for there is a new Doctor in the house… wonder what that’ll be like… Running in Heels – because it brings the bitchy girl out of me… lets just say if Talita […]