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About Aryn’s Cult TV Blog – aka What you are to expect from me!


Aryn's Cult TV

This is me talking about the television shows that I watch each week.  I don’t work for anyone (but would love to so if you like this blog – feel free to let me know!)  I really don’t watch Reality TV, so don’t expect to see anything about any shows on VH1 or MTV, the closest you’ll get is Project Runway,  Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, Top ChefAnthony Bourdain – No Reservation, Running in Heels, Ghost Hunters and I think that’s it.

I’m “old school” when it comes to television.  I look for good writing and a good story.  Now, not all the shows I watch… well you’ll see.  Sometimes I just love a great concept.  I don’t care for 50 trashy people looking for “love” or anything like that.  

If there is a show you want me to check out – feel free to drop me a line.

If you don’t agree with me – feel free to tell me so! (and I mean in a respectable way – keep your name calling for recess)

The shows I watch are as followed (some I have blogged about, some I’ll be getting to)

I’ll add more to this section soon!  This whole thing is still a weee bit under construction, so bare with me! Plus, know in advance I sometimes fall in and out of shows so I may post about something one week (Merlin) and then not bring it up ever again (Southland).

Please – come back for more!

(…and tell your friends)

4 Responses to “About Aryn’s Cult TV Blog – aka What you are to expect from me!”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. I found your site accidentally at work (shh!) the other day when looking up stuff for Ghost Hunters in Cedar Grove. Very nice site. I like your thoughts about Reality TV. My sentiments exactly! PFFT! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! Its nice to know that my husband and I aren’t the only two people out there that don’t care for trashy reality TV.

  3. P.S. Just added your site to my favorites.

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