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The Ghost Hunters – the old SWITCH-A-ROO!


Hello all! Well, I haven’t been on here in close to a year, but here I am now so phoey on you! And why do I come here, well to be honest, even though I haven’t written in a while I still have been receiving a few comments about the Ghost Hunters. Seems that was my number one show all you out there just love to love and love to hate.

Seeing that I haven’t been on here I’ll approve the comments when I have a chance, but then I never answer. (Honestly, it’s a time issue – but I’ve made a moment right now to comment back.)

In most of the comments you – my lovely readers – have a tendency to end with a quick snip at those lovely Ghost Hunters you watch every week on SyFy at 9pm, and to be honest, I just don’t get it. It’s like that guy that spends the $150 to go see some artist live and then heckle them. OR, it’s like the dude at the football game who throws a beer at the opposing team.

I don’t get it.

So this is my response to all the comments that have come in: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International & Ghost Hunters Academy are three shows that, well, have to do with paranormal activity. Something that can be chaotic and uncertain. Yes – it would be AWESOME if every time the folks from TAPS walked into a building it was a scene from The Amityville Horror (and I mean the original and I don’t mean the scene when Margot Kidder does ballet for no real reason) the scene when the basement opens up to a porthole to hell!! DUM! DUM!! DUUMMM!! But lets just be realistic here. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have a group of well-informed people who are all not afraid of things  who tell me the truth, than some gimmicky attention whores who tell me something is haunted because – golly gee – that’ll give them ratings.

The reason I started watching the Ghost Hunters all those years ago was because of what they did and the reason I stuck with it was because of who they are. They’re real people with real families and real everything. They work. They spend time with loved ones and they’re kind enough to share it with you and me. I follow Amy, Jason, Grant, Kris, Tango & Steve on Twitter. I follow Amy and Jason on Facebook.

What I’m saying is that yes, maybe we’d much prefer to see a jam packed episode of the TAPS crew dressing in Ghost Busters gear and catching a slimer or two, and maybe when they don’t it can be a little frustrating – but they didn’t do it on purpose. They’re just doing their job and a good one at that. They help people understand something that is hard to wrap your head around. That’s a wonderful thing – helping.

So be kind – it’s great to have your own opinion. I commend you for it, but be respectful that these people are just as real as you and me. They may be on TV but they’re not fictional characters created in the writers room.

Thank you for still stopping by even though I pretty much don’t watch TV any more. And thank you for caring enough to write in. All your comments mean loads to me – your knowledge has added to this site helping people find out more information about the places and haunts TAPS has visited. And some of you have even helped me straighten out what photos go with what – which I have issues with sometime. Maybe down the road I’ll be able to relaunch Aryn’s Cult TV, but for now I’ll just be stopping by to check comments.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!



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