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For all of you out there who have been watching Survivors on BBC America – HOW AWESOM IS IT?! Week 3 is Sunday and I hear Abby will have a lead on her son… If you are not one of those people currently watching Survivors on BBC America – Its on Saturdays at 9pm, and they air the previous weeks episode just before hand at 8pm. IT’S NOT TO LATE TO CATCH UP!

If you haven’t heard about the Le Femme Nikita reboot that is to air on The CW yet, you just did and you just found out that Maggie Q (whom you may remember from Live Free or Die Hard – a.k.a. the Chick in the Elevator Shaft) was casted as the “Agent in trainning” who will go after the rouge Nikita!

You would think Nikita would have learned not to go “rogue” after two movies an a television series. But she always had a will of stone didn’t she?

[** Here’s hoping it’s not too good because the The CW will just cancel it or did the just do that to Reaper?**]

This is old news, but it seems ABC is still content on revamping and re-releasing Charlie and his Angles.

What is new-ish news is that Drew Barrymore – who starred in the remake movies… I won’t even comment on because I actually LIKE Drew Barrymore, just not those movies… well, she’s planning on producing this soon to be hit.

Question: Can we stop with the remakes now? Seriously, I know enough writers by myself that can make you an ALL NEW hit show that didn’t come from the 1970’s. And what’s what wanting to remake Hawaii 50? Thank god we can bring that slang back into our vernacular now.

ABC is also planning to air a show called “Cutthroat.” This is a show about a single mother who learns how to deal with high society by running a drug cartel.

I’m a child of the 80’s. Back then no one used the word “comedy/drama” and “drug cartel” in the same sentence. I’m glad to see our drug problems have left the streets and now are on TV. In shows like “Weeds” which is about a single mom that sells drugs… but hey – nothing about high society.

The only thing positive I will say about this show and why, in the end, I’ll probably end up watching it is because it comes to you from none other than Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, whom you may remember created a little (and freaking awesome) show called Reaper. Which the CW squashed like a little bug because it wasn’t about socialites that are in high school – or something “fashion” related.  Because when I think “fashion” I think low budget “CW”… no I don’t.

The joke goes like this. The Olympics started and everyone became fascinated with “curling.” So they told their friends, “Dude! You have to see this! It’s SO stupid!” And that hiked up the ratings of the curling events. Then everyone lost interested – but NBC saw the ratings hike, rearranged the schedule and now we only get to watch curling.

Go NBC. First you kill of Conan. Now Curling.

Olivia Munn, the co-host of G4’s Attack of the Show (fondly called AOTS) will not only be making the leap to the big screen in this summers block buster Iron Man 2, but she may be joining the small screen on a show of her own (she’s had guest spots on Greek and that Jenna Elfman – Accidentally on Purpose)

According to her press release she’s going to stay with AOTS and keep co-hosting. But who knows. I say it’s time to let Alison Haislip move up, but that’s just my little old opinion.

Ghost Hunters is back on March 3rd with their 100 episode. There will be fanfare and a live Q&A with their friend Josh Gates.

Think “Halloween” special and then add 100th episode – so it should be a good one!

And last but not least!!

Season 2 is amazing! With the added cast member – a mord sith named Cara (played by the lovely Tabrett Bethell) – this season is just awesome.

Yes, they defeated Darken Rahl, but now he’s working in the Underworld with the Keeper who will stop at nothing to take over the land of the living AND all the prophecies say that Richard “The Seeker” will fail. But now they say as long as “the pure heart of the mother confessor beats, the Keeper will not win” can’t wait to see what they do to make her heart not so pure, or not so beating.

And that is Aryn’s Cult TV on the Fly.



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