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Hey world! I just wanted to post an apology to all of you who come here for the lack of posts. I’m in school and it’s taking up a lot of my time – that includes TV watching and TV writing time. But I’m hoping this summer I can breath life back into this blog.

For now I will tell you this – Being Human was just picked up for its 3rd Season in the UK. GO BEING HUMAN! I’m stoked, I am – however – NOT stoked about the American Remake. I love these actors and I think they make the show, in the end I don’t see how it’s going to rock without them in it.

Ghost Hunters International – I’ve been told that they’re kicking  butt and taking names this season! Just remember fans, most of those guys on Twitter. <- that it the OFFICIAL Ghost Hunters fan tweets, you should be able to find Dustin and the rest of your favs from there.

Better off Ted – I don’t know many who like this show, but I have to say all you fanboys and avid sci/fi TV geeks really should dig it. From the fact that Ted’s little brothers name is Billy (Bill & Ted) to the episode where Len and Phil went into the basement to find the robot that cleans their floors and in the background was a Derelict from Doctor Who – the writing is brilliant and the cast is crazy awesome.

The CW is also in the works with McG in relaunching the hit show La Femme Nikita. This sounds bad to me. First, it’s the CW and we’ve all seen what the CW does to shows we like (~cough~ Reaper) and then it runs shows like Vampire Diaries that is just plain terrible. Then we add a dash of McG – you may know him as the man who ruined the Terminator Series this past summer with Terminator Salvation and I give you a pile of poop that will be relaunching one of my VERY FAVORITE SHOWS! You know, it would probably hurt less if you just came over and cut out my heart.

What else… hmmm…

After the success of SyFy’s Alice they are now going to show about 2 dozen fairy tale movies. I don’t agree with this. I didn’t care for Alice, I thought the story felt rushed and that they relied on the star power of the film. Yes, the actors were great but its like cooking – if the meat is rancid there is only so much you can do to make it edible and you’ll never be making classic steak tartar with it, regardless of your want.

BBC America has a new show that will be starting up next week called Survivors. Which seems to be a remake of a show from the 1970’s. (We love our remakes don’t we people?) The cast will include Freema Agyeman of Doctor Who fame and Zoe Tapper who was just in BBC America’s Demons (It only aired for one series.)

Oh – SGU was picked up for a second season!

And now I have to study!

Thanks for reading!!



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