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Doctor Who – Waters of Mars

I didn’t think I was going to have the privilege of seeing this installment of the great Doctor until some time when it was sunny and warm, so when my DVR recorded it I was nothing less than elated.

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars was AMAZING!

As we all know David Tennant is nearing the end of his run as the great Doctor Who. Leaving us shortly, Tennant will be replaced by Matt Smith – a twenty-something new boyish doctor who will swoop down into the UK and snatch up Hannah Murray as the new companion of the new Doctor.

I’ve been wondering what they were going to do that would cause the Doctor to regenerate into a new one. Would there be an accident? Would he trip out of the TARDIS and land flat on his face on top of Big Ben? TELL ME MAN WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO DO TO THE GREAT DOCTOR WHO?!!!


In Planet of the Dead the Doctor was warned that then end was coming, he would hear “four knocks.” Well, the end is a slippery slope, which we saw in The Waters of Mars.

Some points are fixed in time. Some point of time can NOT be changed, and when you take it upon yourself to change those fixed points, there will be consequences…

As the Doctor learned when he didn’t just walk away from the Mars Space Station. When he didn’t let the crew die as it was written. Being the last of his kind has finally caused the Doctor to snap. Being alone made it happen much faster…

If you haven’t seen The Waters of Mars – PLEASE do so. It’s brilliant fun! The acting is amazing, the entire cast is just wonderful and the story is great. You think its one you’ve seen before, yes it’s the Doctor in all his glory and his charming anticidotes and boyish fun – but then… but then…

Let me just comment on the makeup and the set too. By far my favorite thus far in the series. (But Blink is still my all time favorite episode…)

NOW I have to wait till Saturday so the second part of The End of Time records, then I can watch the whole special at once! Did you see it? Did you see who’s back? Who came a knockin’?

The Master! (and Donna’s grandad – which is kinda cool. I like the fellow…)

All I can say is – this is going to be good…


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