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The Ghost Hunters – Pensacola Lighthouse

The Ghost Hunters were back in Pensacola Florida tonight to take us on a trip to a little light house known as the PENSACOLA LIGHTHOUSE!! (I typed that in a creepy voice)

Pensacola is a military time (for those of you out there that didn’t know that). A little movie called An Officer and a Gentlemen was shot there may moons ago – and to be very honest – Pensacola is a pretty cool location.

In the past of the Ghost Hunters, light houses seem to be a hot spot, just as military establishments seem to bring out the dead and have them wander freely for most to see and sometimes hear.

Pensacola Lighthouse was no exception!

Starting with Jason and Grant. They heard voices, had a few crazy hits on the K2 (that they couldn’t debunk) – they even heard women’s voices but Amy and Kris where no where near their location. But I have to say my favorite moment was when the light on Grant’s camera kept turning on and off – yes, the switched moved on its own – without any rhyme or reason! Grant even switched the light out with a new one, but the experience kept happening.

As for Dustin and Britt – the didn’t pick up much of anything. Honestly, I don’t think Dustin had any experiences, but Britt… when he was with Miss Bruni the felt someone walk “right fricken past” him and they heard tapping and voices when Amy was talking about Ella, a possible woman that had died in the lighthouse keepers room.

(The story was that someone was murdered there, but they crew couldn’t find proof of a murder. At some point it was mentioned to them that a woman had given birth – a rough birth – and had died a few weeks later. Ella would be the woman.)

But my favorite moment was when Amy and Kris had physical contact in the basement of the light house. Something patted Kris on the head as Amy felt a cool breeze pass her.

Over all a good time with the Ghost Hunters tonight AND next week… one of my favorite authors! Samuel Clemens! You may know him as Mark Twain.

No really. I wanna live here.

Ghost Hunters airs on SyFy on Wednesday @ 9pm!


One Response to “The Ghost Hunters – Pensacola Lighthouse”

  1. hooorayyy for P’cola and its mysteries of the unknown. I hope next time someone calls the Ghost busters it won’t be T. A. P.S I find that they hardly ever proves anything, but everything a debunk!!!

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