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The Ghost Hunters and this site

Over the last year(ish) I have been coming on here and talking about different shows that I like and love. These shows range from the flash in the pan like The Unusuals – which never got the chance it deserved – to mega sci/fi hits like Battlestar Galactica – which I own every box set and have bought ever magazine that even just eludes to a cast member of BSG in its glossy pages.

Other shows are all over the map. From Better of Ted (a KILLER comedy that no one seems to watch because of America’s uber obsession with trashy reality television) to the SyFy hit – The Ghost Hunters.

Now, over this time I’ve had comments come my way,  mostly about The Ghost Hunters, where people write me thinking they are speaking to the wonderful Ghost Hunting crew.

I posted a small “note” or disclaimer at the bottom of the last posting because, I’m not affiliated with the Ghost Hunters. I have no way of contacting them, I do not know them. I just like their show.

I like their honestly. I like their sensibility. I think that they are all stand up guys and gals and that is why I want people to know that I am NOT attached to them – because I can be a hot head and yes, sometimes I may comments in a negative light and I don’t want that to be reflected on them in any way shape of form.

That said. The reason I started watching Ghost Hunters five years ago is because my husband and I are big “haunting” fans. I’ve seen almost every freaking Ghost special ever aired by Discovery or the Travel Channel. When Ghost Hunters started I figured they’d be on for a year and that would be the end of it, especially when I heard them say things like “scientific” and “debunk.”

What about the crazy woman dressed in upholstery material that stands across the room talking about “happy orbs” and pointing at unoccupied chairs stating ever so clearly that there is a destitute little boy weep so solemnly in that chair for his mommy and daddy? How can this be a good show when they don’t FIND something every damn time?!!

My husband and I, in our late 20’s, would bunker in every Wednesday night and watch the show regardless. None of our friends wanted to see it because there wasn’t any sequences comparable to Poltergeist in every episode, but you know what there was and still is?


Everyone in this world is going to have their own experiences that help them to relate to this, or any other show for that matter. That’s what brings us back to these show.

For instance, this last episode of Ghost Hunters. At the Blake House they were told of a haunting by a cat. My first apartment where I lived all by my lonesome self I had a cat – well, that’s to say I had something that rubbed against my leg, jumped into bed with me and I heard meow from time to time.

My building allowed no pets.

My friends told me I was crazy – and maybe I was – but I stand firmly on the fact that Bootsy was real and that his little invisible body jumped into bed with me because I sat in my bed and watched the depressions of his paws across my comforter.

What is this long-winded point that I’m trying ever so eloquently to say to you, my readers… I write this site for my own enjoyment. I do NOT get paid for this. I’ve found some of my postings on other sites and I do NOT get paid for those either.

Sometimes I disappeared for a while, that’s because I’m in school because I, just like all those other American’s that are filling in that 10% “unemployed” bracket – I will soon be out of a job and I’m trying like hell to keep my head above water.

I like that people come on here and read my rants about how great Ghost Hunters is or how I think Glee is one of the best things ever created since the invention of the toaster and how people should just stay in on Friday nights and watch Stargate Universe – because while it may need a bit of tweaking it’s AWESOME!

(or even how on March 10th 2010 Scarecrow and Mrs King will FINALLY be available on DVD!)

I love all of my readers because as a writer you are the validation I require to keep doing this – BUT – I don’t want any negative Nelly’s on here.

Yes, there is a chance that I’m going to lose more readers and that’s fine, because I’d don’t want Aryn’s Cult TV to become a form for battering the shows that I love. Yes, you may not agree with my post and I’m not saying you shouldn’t comment, I am saying that inflammatory comments will be deleted. We take these people and raise them up and call them celebrities and then we cut them down and I don’t see that as celebration.

Thank you for reading and stopping by. If this is your last trip here, I wish you well and if not… well, on to the next!


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