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The Ghost Hunters – Blake House & Arbona Building

Ghost-HuntersLast night the Ghost Hunters visited two places. Amos J. Blake house in New Hampshire and the Arbona Building in Pensacola Florida.

Amos J. Blake House MuseumThe Amos J. Blake house, which resides in the town of Fitzwillam New Hampshire, was built way back in 1837. There were 4 reported deaths in the home, 3 boys and Mrs. Blake herself and many reports of activity over the years.

The team showed up and did what they do best – a little debunking, a little contact – and here are my favorite two moments!

First the cat.

Upon arrival and during their tour, the T.A.P.S. team was told about a little kitty cat that haunts the Blake house. This isn’t something that they’ve encountered before, or maybe they have and just didn’t mention it, but I really don’t feel that anyone believed the stories of the “haunting cat.”

So when they found an EVP of a cat meowing and on top of that and a personal experience in the basement of something rubbing against Jason’s leg, the smell of cat urine and then topped off with the sound of a low meow caught on audio an heard by their own ears, I think Jason and Grant were happily surprised.

The other super cool moment was when Amy setup her little camera in the old kitchen to see if she and Kris could catch some movement in there. The moment they exited the room there was a loud noise – upon review they found that some items had moved unexpentantly.

Upon CLOSER review they found that the chains moved before all the other items in the area – which makes NO SENSE!

I think it was one of the coolest things they caught on tape in a while!

Other activity at the Blake House included Jason and Grant telling the possible “child” entity to turn on their flash light – which they did, but there was no follow up and some K2 hits around the area that their hostess commented about seeing a young boy.

The next stop was in Pensacola Florida Arbona Building (a.k.a. Historic Museum)

pensacola-historical-museumThere were a lot of claims made about a possible haunting at this location. From something trying to sneak its way into a woman’s purse to weird stacking of books to the sight of a shadow walking through the building.

Maybe it’s real – or maybe it was a trick of mirrors, glass and sunlight!?

But the only happenings at this location was a loud noise that seemed to elude Amy and Kris when they were investigating the second level attempting to debunk the purse claim.

Steve and Tango were not on this investigation – currently working on the new SyFy show, Ghost Hunter Academy, Dustin and Britt filled in.

I didn’t have a chance to watch Ghost Hunter Academy, but I’ll attempt to get something up here later today.

Ghost Hunters can be seen on the all new SyFy on Wednesdays @ 9pm.


I am in NO WAY connected with The Ghost Hunters. I do not know them, I have never spoken with them and I have NO WAY of contacting them.

I would like to thank all of the people who comment on the different episodes, but I can’t get your letters to them. I would suggest that you attempt to contact T.A.P.S. directly through their website or contact SyFy network about the show.

(I’m not even sure they know this blog exists… but I wish you all luck in your endeavors.)


4 Responses to “The Ghost Hunters – Blake House & Arbona Building”

  1. The Amos J. Blake House Museum is a wonderful example of a New England historical society museum. Having been part of at least three investigations of the location I was pleased to see that TAPS results correlated with my experiences at the location, and not the exaggerated ‘evidence’ that I have seen about the location in the past.

    However, I do believe that the ‘ghost cat’ could be debunked by assuming that a stray cat has recently made its way into the basement due to the advent of the cold weather. However, I can’t confirm this hypothesis and having been in the basement, it appears to be fairly secure. Still, you have to assume that this is more likely then the existence of a ghost cat.

    As far as the chain moving and the pitchfork falling over, I found this suspicious. Having been in the location many times, all the furniture, etc. was placed pretty much as I remember it. One thing that I certainly don’t remember is the chain and the pitchfork and it seemed out of place to me. It simply seems unusual that these objects were in the location and placed as they were. I am unsure why, with many valuable artifacts around, one would stand a pitchfork on end and lean it against the wall where it could easily fall over.

    I addition, considering the way a board could be stepped on in an old house, and something moves–the door latch upstairs did this earlier and Jason clearly points out that shifting boards can cause things to move–I suppose that the investigators walking by could have triggered the movement by this principle. I’d have to see the footage analyzed by a physicist before I was really convinced either way. It just seems a little too convenient to me.

    Finally–and perhaps the most interesting–is the fact that the curator of the museum and the ‘volunteer’ that was interviewed are both members of a paranormal investigation team that formed shortly after it was discovered TAPS was going to investigate the location. It was shortly after the group was formed that reports of multiple apparitions and conscious spirits haunting the location were reported, and I suspect that the ‘evidence’ was highly exaggerated–or at least not thoroughly debunked–in an effort to pique TAPS interest.

    To sum up, I do firmly believe that something is going on in the museum and would rate it a 2 out of 10 regarding possible paranormal activity. I’ve recorded a disembodied voice, had a cold spot sit on my shoulder, and seen pictures of strange mist.

    TAPS did do a good job debunking, and–at least for me–the smell of cat urine and a pitch fork falling over (even with the chain moving) aren’t enough for me–nor TAPS–to consider the place really haunted.

    Bobby Elgee; Sights Unseen Paranormal

  2. Bobby,

    I am not affiliated with Ghost Hunters or any paranormal group, nor am I affilated with anyone at the Blake House. That said, I think you’re off-base. The comments you made about the volunteer and curator of the museum are irrelevant. Their interests have nothing to do with a TAPS investigation.

    I understand you did a little investigation of the house yourself and that’s great, but I sincerely doubt you have the same tools and equipment that TAPS does. They utilized a thermal camera throughout the basement and the house as a hole, with no cat or even traces of a cat showing up. No feces from the cat was found, nor were any food or water sources.

    It’s easy to criticize another investigation that you were neither a part of or on the property to witness. The truth is, you don’t know any more about what happened with them than me or anyone else. Anything you have to say is merely conjecture and apprently, you’re trying to like yourself with the group and promote yourself by linking your ‘investigation’ with theirs.

  3. Ben,

    All the points you make are true, except for the fact that I’m trying to link myself with this other group–of which the curator and volunteer are members–and promote myself. First of all, I don’t really give a shit about promoting myself. I’ve better things to do with my time. Rather, I consider myself more of a responsible reporter and it is important to get out some of the background and facts surrounding such events if possible.

    It does bear mentioning that these folks have continued access to the museum on a daily basis, so as far as them not having anything to do with the investigation, that could just as well as be conjecture on your part. I’m not saying that they attempted to rig an event in an effort to fool TAPS. There are several very well-documented cases of Ghost Hunters apparently staging events on their own–visit if you are interested.

    As far as my group having the same tools and equipment TAPS does, you’re right we don’t. However, I’ve noticed that we do use the same type of digital audio recorders, and use similar video cameras, EMF detectors, etc. Of course we don’t have a thermal imaging camera, however according to my recollection, they didn’t capture anything on it anyway. The only real ‘evidence’ presented was on equipment that anyone can purchase at your local radio shack.

    On a side note: don’t make the mistake of falling into the idea that fancy equipment makes the ghost hunter. It doesn’t. The primary equipment used by most people are tape and digital audio recorders, video cameras, EMF detectors, in addition to devices such as divining rods. This includes TAPS. If you review most of the ‘evidence’ they’ve ever captured, the vast majority of it is using these commonly available devices, and not some souped-up thingy like a proton accelerator or the iPod Ghost Radar application.

    But, back to the episode in question. Being what I consider to be at least a semi-competent investigator and a thorough debunker, it is pretty clear to me that:

    1. There was no real ‘evidence’ found.

    2. Jason and Grant engaged in a lot more conjecture then I ever did.

    Currently, there are now multiple articles and videos on the Internet now that do a more thorough job debunking this episode then I did. For example, one can actually see a piece of scotch tape that was holding up the pitchfork. But, of course, as you would clearly point out this doesn’t prove anything. And you would be absolutely correct. But, a pitchfork falling over doesn’t prove the existence of paranormal activity either!

    I still stand by analysis of the situation. If there is a tinge of personal irritation involved, it may be because the curator and ‘volunteer’ were a member of my team of paranormal investigators. Once the curator found out that Ghost Hunters was interested in filming at the museum, she quit our group and formed her own. It was during this time that multiple apparitions and many intelligent spirits were reported at the museum.

    The level of paranormal activity at the location had been relatively consistent across at least three years as reported by four different paranormal teams, but once the curator formed her own group–and it was known that Ghost Hunters was coming–the level of paranormal activity apparently sky-rocketed in what I can only assume was an attempt by the curator to promote her own group as well as pique the public’s interest in an attempt to increase ratings in the run-up to the episode.

    Finally, it does bear mentioning that when Ghost Hunters filmed there, it created a minor scandal. As reported in the Keene Sentinel, the museums board of curators weren’t aware that Ghost Hunters were going to be there and appeared to be quite upset. It was reported by the producer that someone had signed the necessary permission form, but a member of the board of directors was quoted as saying she didn’t know who did. Of course, the curator of the museum, who the paper reported was present during the filming declined to comment.

    So, anyway you cut it, the whole thing stinks to high heaven to me. In addition, I can’t prove it, but I sincerely believe that the pitchfork falling over was completely staged.

    And there you have it….a pretty clear-cut Paranormal Fail in my estimation.

    Of course I reserve the right to be totally wrong and self-serving in my attempts to get out what I consider are the relevant facts in the case.

  4. There is a reason why prior to Ghost Hunters being invited to investigate the location–after being involved in at least three previous investigations of the site–I chose to comment on this subject and the facts remain true.

    Terri appears to still be the curator of the museum and is still the founder of Conscious Spirits Paranormal Group–formed a shortly after someone apparently gave permission for Pilgrim–the television production company behind Ghost Hunters–to film at the location.

    All I know at this point is that they–Conscious Spirits Paranormal Group–recently redesigned their Web site, has almost a 90% turnover in members since the post I made above, and that I chose not to believe any “evidence” they put forth on their Web site due to my previous experiences.

    Read the extensive documentation available on the Internet.

    There is one thing no one can deny…the Amos J. Blake Museum is an excellent example of a New England historical society museum and anyone can take a tour if you make an appointment.

    Theoretically, you can ask Terri about the episode yourself. I highly recommend it.

    Bobby Elgee; Sights Unseen Paranormal

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