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Doctor Who – Being Human

Dr Who and the Waters of MarsThe long anticipated “Waters of Mars” Doctor Who special airs in 3 whole days! Yes, you read that right. David Tennant will be back once more as our favorite Doctor saving the day on Mars come this Sunday, November 15th at 7pm… in the UK. For us Brits, we need to be a bit more patient…

Doctor Who – Waters of Mars won’t hit our air waves until December 19th on BBC America – 1 MORE MONTH TO GO!

And you thought Santa wasn’t going to give you anything for Christmas…

being_human_menuThis lovely little treat that aired this past summer – Being Human is working hard at filming the second season of this wonderful show. PLUS it was announced that the old Yanks decided to take the idea and bring it on over State side.

I’m still out on this one.

On one hand I’m excited, because I LIKE Being Human, but on the other hand I LOVE the actors on the British version. I have a hard time seeing anyone else in those roles – plus – (and this is a big one) Americans are all hopped up on these stupid “I’m a good vampire” that stands by the Bramstokers rules from 100 years ago.

The vamps in Being Human aren’t you “Twilight” “True Blood” variety – in my opinion… they’re better. Plus, I love the whole history behind the haunting and the werewolf is so rad! (Once again, I will repeat – the actors on Being Human rock)

Here’s a little behind the scenes looks at Season 2:


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