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Ghost Hunters in Colorado!


The Ghost Hunters were in Colorado visiting the runner up from The Great American Ghost Hunt.


Briarhurst ManorBuilt in 1888, Dr. Willam A. Bell used Briarhurst as his home in Colorado, while he was in the States working. For more of an extensive history – follow this link!

Claims went from shadows to footsteps to bleeding walls, and lucky for us The Ghost Hunters were not left disappointed.

I want to say the most haunted area of the house was the attic, which was situated above The Palmer room. Foot steps galore!!

They debunked the bleeding walls, there was a big possibility that it was this red cleaner that was located in the bathroom just above the bleeding wall. And as for the creepy skeleton lady, no one saw her all night.

But with a few cool EVPS, on they didn’t hear and several of a woman or girls voice that they heard on the stop – Briarhurst Manor surprised even Jason!

Next week Eddie McClintock from the SyFy hit show Warehouse 13, will be guest starring when they go visit the final resting place of Buffalo Bill.

And if you can’t wait that long – this Saturday there will be a mini-marathon of the creepiest and scariest places your favorite T.A.P.S. members have visited. Hosted by Josh Gates of Destination Truth.


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