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Quinn Fabray and the dancing baby – GLEE

GleeLast night on Glee the truth of Quinn Fabray hit the internet – yes – our favorite Jewish Blogger, Jacob Ben Isreal [Josh Sussman] spilled the beans after being threatened by Sue – our favorite terrifying cheerleading coach.

But really, I’m just starting at the end.

Principle Figgins made Sue co-director of Glee, which she used to pull the Glee club apart. This is no surprise seeing that has been her plan from the start.

And it almost worked. Playing on the insecurities of the kids – she decided to divide and conquer the Glee club.

At first it didn’t seem like it would fall apart, but when Quinn begins to get jealous of Finn’s time with Rachel she helps Sue move the ball forward until it’s just her, Rachel and Finn verses the rest of Glee.

Rachel finds out first that Jacob is planning on outing Quinn on his blog, and she offers up her panties to make it not happen. Yes – it was more for Finn than Quinn, but at least she didn’t throw Quinn to the piranhas of high school – much unlike Sue, who once she found out was very much heart broken that her star Cherrio didn’t trust her enough to come to her.

Glee knew – but not her Cherrios…

In the adult portion of the show, Terri went to a new all time low when she and her crazy sister blackmailed the obstetrician into lying to Will about her being pregnant at all.

So, Will thinks his wife is pregnant, which she isn’t.

Finn thinks Quinn is pregnant with his baby, which she isn’t. (It’s Puck’s)

Sue is hurt and angry at Quinn for not trusting her enough to tell her about the pregnancy.

Principle Figgins finally stood up to Sue.

And next week – there’s marriage in the air… and Will may be doing the music…


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