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Ghost Hunters and FT Henry in Canada

Ghost-HuntersYesterday on Ghost Hunters the TAPS crew was back in good old Canada, visiting the Limestone City – Kingston Ontario and the ever so haunted Fort Henry.

FortHenry1Old Fort Henry was built way back for the War of 1812. Designed to keep us old Yankees out of the Queen’s Republic (Fort Henry was built by the Brits), the War of 1812 was only the beginning of the history of this now living museum. (A living museum is a historical site that’s historical guides dress up in period costume to tell you about the history of the place.)

There was a second portion of the Fort built later between 1932-1837 and then back in old WWII, Fort Henry became a camp for POWs.

So this is the equation we have: Kingston, Ontario – a.k.a. the “Limestone City” – Limestone has been associated with haunting and poltergeist – then we add to that the building is a military establishment that has housed POWs, seen war time and has even hanged a few people…

The math is in place…

First I’d like to start with Tango and Steve… why? Because I think they are the funniest guys on TV. In my mind they are the Abbott and Costello in the paranormal world. I mean that as a very sincere compliment! Whenever I watch Ghost Hunters I find I wait for their spots because they always make me giggle.

You know what? I lied… I’ll come back to them.

JASON & GRANT! First, in the Officers Quarters – there was tapping. Now, it’s an old building. Yes, I get that – but it was said that held to his death in the Officers Quarters, Nils Von Schultz, a Finnish-born Swedish National who helped the American’s by leading the Battle of the Windmill, can still be seen and heard… or maybe it’s just heard.

When Jason decided to knock three times on the glass that separated them from the actual Officers Quarters, he received a knock back. And then, when Grant did the same and Jason placed his hand on the glass – he felt the vibrations from the returning knock.

Yeah. Cool. Right?

So, it was also said that some visitors, mostly children, felt sick in that area. Like something was pushing on their chests, etc. Jason and Grant realized that the EMF reading were super high in the area at kid level. The reading actually affected Jason who had to leave the room to get back his stability.

They then went over to the Bakery where Grant saw a figure walk past the window – what’s creepy is that it didn’t walk past the open door just next to the window.

As they were investigating this a door across the room, this was caught on 3 cameras, the  door swung closed, opened and then slammed shut. When Jason went over to examine the door he says he felt like someone/something was pulling the door on the other side.

They open the door and ask, out loud if “they” can do it again, and on the prompt – the door slammed shut.

NOW – Back to Steve and Tango – later in the investigation they made their way back to the Bakery where the OTHER door slammed shut.

Same room. Four different people. Two different doors.


Moving over to Amy and Kris – when they made it over to the Officers Quarters they also heard knocking. But unlike the knocking Jason and Grant heard, it seemed that it was moving around them. First on their left and then over to their right – whatever spirit was there seemed to want to reign them up in the middle of the hallway.


Yes, they did some EVP work and worked with the K2 – but guess what guys? Next week on Ghost Hunters – NEW EQUIPMENT!  Jason tweeted about this a few weeks ago, and let me tell you – I CAN’T WAIT!

Heading over to the great town of Chicago, the TAPS crew will be visiting the Congress Theater.

Congress Theater - ChicagoThis is one of the first movie theaters EVER to be built. It was erected back in 1926 by Bubliner and Trinz – a movie chain that is no longer with us.

All I know is that the trailer for next week looked awesome, and with Halloween coming up fast, you know all the good episodes are almost here!

If you love this show as much as I do, you should head over to SyFy and check out all the behind the scenes of the show!

And if that’s not enough, Amy Bruni, Kris Williams, Dave Tango, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson all have twitter accounts!

(Oh and Jason and Grant just released a paranormal book called Seeking Spirits, which you can buy on


One Response to “Ghost Hunters and FT Henry in Canada”

  1. “Queen’s Republic” is incorrect. It should be “Queen’s Dominion”.

    Great show by the way. No doubt the best of its kind. No silly over dramatizations. I hope the crew enjoyed their stay in Kingston. Thanks for coming.

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