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This week on Glee – BEST SHOW EVER…

gleeOK. SO! Finn is falling apart because he is stressed about Quinn being pregnant, plus he can’t stop thinking about Rachel (even if she screams Swim Fan…). Quinn is depressed, well, because she’s pregnant and only in high school. Rachel is waking up at 6 am every day to motivate herself to get a Grammy and well Mr. Schuester and Miss Pillsbury relationship is becoming more visible to the people around them.

SO – our favorite crazy coach of the Cherrios’s head over to make a visit to Terry Schuester (Will’s not really pregnant, “I’m not built to work 5 days a week” wife) and lets her in on the notion that Emma Pillsbury has a thing for her husband and maybe, just maybe, she should come work at the school as the school nurse to spy on them.

Except that Terry is an assistant manager at sheets and things, which doesn’t really qualify her to be a nurse – but hey – it’s “public” school so who cares!

With things falling in place Terry tells Ken that he has to ask Emma to marry him – even though one of he has psoriasis and one of his testicles refuses to descend – and then she starts “helping” out with the student body. By drugging them.

Ken does propose to Emma, and after a few stipulations like they’ll never live together and he’s not allowed to touch her, she says yes.

Terry is fired from the school after her drug dealing days are discovered.

Rachel makes nice with Quinn, even though if the shoe was on the other foot Quinn would have ripped her apart. AND Quinn decided to give her baby to Mrs. Schu – but Terry won’t pay for anything… so it’ll be nice to see how that plays out.

Glee is on FOX Wednesdays @ 9pm!


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