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The Ghost Hunters – USS Salem, Cornwall Jail (Ont) and South Park.

Ghost-HuntersLast night on South Park Ike was having a problem seeing dead celeberties… not surprising seeing that they’ve been dropping like flies this past year. BUT since no one would believe him that he was being haunted by the ghost of Billy Mays, they decided to call in TAPS.

If you missed it I’d check it out online – it was very funny. And the TAPS crew watched it too. (At least that’s what I got from their tweets about the episode.)

MOVING ON! Last night on Ghost Hunter…

Jason, Grant, Steve, Kris, Tango, Amy and Joe Chin (from Ghost Hunters International) investigated the USS Salem. A battle ship that live in Quincy, Massachuset.

uss-salemI think the haunts, the stores that they were told about, that surprised me the most was the birthing area. The USS Salem was built between 1944-1949 and at the time, at least I was under the impression, that there really weren’t many ladies on board Navy ships.

Jason and Grant heard footsteps a few times and at one point they even heard a faint voice in the Anchor Windlass Room. Also, Steve and Tango heard a weird knocking (and found some really, really old cake) in the Bakery.

Amy and Joe heard what sounded to them like a metal door, slightly closing but the curator of the USS Salem noted that it sounded like a metal chair pulling across the metal floor.

Later when Jason and Grant went to the Bakery they heard footsteps again.

During the reveal they found an EVP that sounded like a woman’s voice and they noted high EMF readings.

Moving up to Canada to the Cornwall Jail in Ontario:

Cornwell Jail

Besides the horrific story about a woman that was raped and murdered there – while the guards watched.

The creepiest thing that happened was that one of the jail cells closed on its own.

Amy and Kris felt anxious and Amy had a tight feeling in her chest but they soon realized that they were surrounded by electrical wires – and the EMF reading were all the way up to a 62. An average reading should never be that high.

And if you missed it! This past Wednesday on South Park, Ike was seeing dead celebrities and was possessed by the dead spirit of Michael Jackson so that he could finally be what he always wanted to be – a small white girl. AND the Ghost Hunters were called in to help them (even though they couldn’t).

Next Wednesday the T.A.P.S. will be staying in Canada and visiting Fort Henry in Kingston Ontario. Only one site… hmmm… that means it’ll probably be a big one!

FortHenry1The place is BIG…

Ahh… how I love the Ghost Hunters!

and if you don’t know – you can follow Jason, Grant, Kris and Amy all on twitter. (And SyFy too!)


3 Responses to “The Ghost Hunters – USS Salem, Cornwall Jail (Ont) and South Park.”

  1. Just so you know. The reason there would be a woman voice on the USS Salem is the in 1953 there was a Earthquake on the entire island of Greece. The USS Salem was the first aid to the Island. There happened to be 23 babies born on the Salem. Thought you would like to know

  2. I grew up in Cornwall. Never heard the stories about the jail until there was articles printed in the local paper long after I had moved away. The apartment my parents were living in, just before I left town for work, as right next door to the jail. There was a break out, once, and they did not know about it until they saw the newspaper article. It is a stone wall around the exercise yard. Apparently some one on a motorcycle and threw a rope over the wall. The guy inside climbed up and out and jumped on the back of the bike. There were all sorts of police cars with lights and sirens but my parents didn’t notice. Only thing I worried about when we lived there was when I had the night shift at the hospital. I took the bus to the main intersection and walked the two blocks home. There use to be a real dive of a bar at the bottom of the main street. Some guys in car drove by me and honked and yelled. That was ok but they turned around the stopped right in front of the entrance to the jail parking lot and two got out. I started to tense trying to decide what my best route of escape would be. I did not want to cut through the parking lot but I could not get by them on the side walk. I guess they must have seen my uniform top when my coat swung open. They apologized and got back in the car. I only had to worry about the living not the dead. Too bad my brother passed away several years ago. He had to spend some time in the jail on weekends for DUI. He always told good stories but he never said anything about the jail.
    Thanks for commenting on it. I also enjoy the ghost hunters. I wish they would do one of two about ghost pets. I have had one cat out of my four that comes to see me when I am ill or stressed out. I never see her but I feel the bed give and then purring. When I look down no one is there. One of my other cats, that she raised when we brought it home, saw her one of these times as well. Spooked her.

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