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Stargate Universe


I would like to start off by admitting that I have never watched any of the other Stargate series. Yes, years ago I saw the original movie in the theaters, and yes I remember liking it – but I just never started in on the shows.

With the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis, (and I think the rest of the Stargate series) added to the ending of BSG and people trying to fill that fracking void – …well… I give you Stargate Universe.

It took me two sitting to make it through the 2 hour series premier that originally aired on Syfy this past Friday (October 2nd) and not because it was bad, I’m just a busy person. (That would be the very reason I’ve stated over and over again that I would be in no way, shape or form picking up any new shows… seems I’m a liar head too…)

I’m going to start, as of this moment, following Stargate Universe. Why? Well, I really liked it. Yes – there are the cliche rolls, like how the video game math wizard is chubby and quick witted – not to say that can’t be true, but the over use of stereo-types can be annoying from time to time.

The cold scientist.

The smart asian.

The forlorn woman. (and it can only be caused by a man… probably a married one…)

Yes, it’s all there, even the Senator’s daughter in her cute pink coat – but I still think it has potential to fill my need for BSG. Oh, yeah. I’ll say it. With its green/gray hues, the dingy space craft that our new friends were forced into floats through space using its FTL drive. They even created floating cameras to give us that “hand held” feel – but that’s just looking at it in a negative light.

Everyone can be the pessimist.

Let’s look at the good stuff.

Robert Carlyle as Dr. Rush. We already know that he’s a great actor and he nails the character. He give you the chills, then slightly annoys you but two second later you find yourself relating to him. He is stuck between a rock and a hard place (his life long ambitions and the fact that he opened a gate to near certain death for a bunch of people.)

David Blue as Eli Wallace. I’m looking over his imdb page and see that he’s been in two shows I’ve watched (Scrubs, Veronica Mars) but I can’t say I place him, BUT I will remember him now. Yes, his character can be considered a cliche, but I think he’s doing a nice job at showing someone who would be overly amazed to find out all that weird sci/fi stuff was true – and I appreciate his compassion.

He is the ying to Rush’s yang.

The cast in general. I could sit here and name off each actor I like, but so far I’m doing fine, and I think that you should give the show a chance. What’s the worse that could happen? It sucks… well, then you can turn the station, but for now – set your DVR for Fridays at 9pm on SyFy – but I think they may have hit the jackpot.


2 Responses to “Stargate Universe”

  1. Awesome!
    I love Stargate Universe!

    • I am a fan of Stargate Universe. I liked this last episode. The one about the fears. It was unique and it’s always fun to see what’s stuck inside people heads.

      I just heard that they’re moving to Tuesdays this fall. Fingers crossed that it won’t hurt the show…

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