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NBC – On Thursday night! (Office, Parks & Community)

the-office-cast-full-photo-smaller1The Office – The Promotion

Jim did it! He finally got the promotion that he has deserved for so long! The only problem is that he’s a “CO” Manager with Michael, and that means the problem is still there – and to add to it Dwight is angry that he didn’t get the promotion over Jim.

With the staff about to get their yearly raise, Michael and Jim find out that there isn’t enough money to go around, this quickly teaches Jim just how much people LOVE their bosses (even when they’re not neurotic and hyper sensitive).

It was a good episode. The battle between Michael and Jim for control over the Office. Oscar’s speech about how two bosses are better than one, you know, like the Popes.

But the Office is always a fun time. Next week is the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Jim and Pam finally tie the knot! Woohooo!

Parks And RecreationParks and Recreation – Beauty Pageant

This show really did a 180 this year. It’s SO MUCH BETTER than the first season that I can’t stop singing praise. Leslie Knope is no longer the needy, annoying, female version of Michael Scott – she is a woman who is a bit naive and extremely dedicated to her job.

Hell, I even like Tom Haverford, and last season I just wanted to run him over.

But all around they’re doing a great job. I love the introduction of Officer Miles, as the man that wants to win the heart of Leslie Knope.

If you haven’t watched this show, or you stopped (like a bunch of people did) you should take another gander. It’s pretty funny these days. From Andy living in the pit to Anne and Mark sorta dating all the way to April. I think this season will be one not to miss.

community-nbc-joel-mchale-castCommunity – Introduction to Film

I’m not going to tell you that parts of this show aren’t weird, like Abed, but this show made me laugh out loud 4 or 5 times tonight. From, well, Abed – to cutest darn sneeze of Troy – I think my favorite spots were, after the credits when Abed, Troy and Jeff dance in their study room.

The American Idol reference.

Chevy Chase’s sneezing soliloquy and then “Dead Poet’s Society” class. (that one was personal – I was in high school and wasn’t cool enough to take that class. Yet still, I’ve managed to seize a lot of things and not do it by ripping off other peoples ideas…)

I know some people are looking at this Joel McHale vehicle and saying, “Oh, it’s that guy from The Soup…” well you’re right. It IS that guy from The Soup and for once a talk show personality made a good transition to a fun sitcom on NBC.

Here’s a clip for you.

and now! Hmm… I think I’m going to go watch Project Runway…


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