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Fringe – Fracture

fringe-season-2-posterThere were a lot of familiar faces guest staring on Fringe last night (and last week for that matter) – let’s start with Kevin Corrigan who you may know from movies like Superbad or television shows like Grounded for Life.  He is currently playing Sam Weiss, the man Nina Sharp told Olivia could put her back together again (and how to score 300 in bowling).

Then there is Claudette Mink, who you may remember from earlier this years horror TV drama, Harper’s Island.

Finally, Lance Henriksen who portrayed Frank Black in the Chris Carter series that was released after the X-Files known as Millennium.

Another X-Files (esk) reference…

Fringe began with a human super bomb that was triggered by a combination of a weird serum tuned to the right frequency. You see, over in Iraq the military did a top secret study on some of their soilder – they injected them with this amber colored liquid that would freeze them and cause them to explode – just like a human bomb.

The problem… they didn’t know.

So Walter, Peter and Olivia head off to discover the truth. The Observer (a.k.a. “The Bald Guy” or Fringe’s “Cigarette Smoking Man”) made his reappearance tonight. It seems that The Observer is behind it all.

Collecting data on the human race so that “they” can fit in and then destroy us. Oh they and them… how they are known for that…

On a side note, when Peter was in Iraq – he wasn’t a nice guy and Olivia, with the help of Sam Weiss, is not only working on getting her memory back she is off the cain, as of the end of the episode.

The fidgeting of Walter was better this episode, they didn’t over do it with is “quirky food” references, but I still worry. The first season took a major turn so maybe this season will too, the one thing I did get is that the Bishops are here to stay.

Well, at least they’re moving out of their hotel room into an apartment.

Fringe airs on Fox, Thursdays @ 9pm – Next week, more Leonard Nimoy!


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