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Glee – The Rhodes Not Taken

gleeI missed posting last weeks episode so here is a quick recap:

The Head Cheerleader and President of the celibacy club, Quinn Fabray, has found out that she is… PREGNANT! Yes, the perky little princess who hates all things Glee has named Finn as the father (there was a hot tub incident) but we find out later in the episode that Finn’s best friend – Puck – got her drunk on wine coolers and took advantage of her when she was feeling fat.

In the end, she’d rather be with Finn than a “Lima Loser” like Puck. (by the way – I’m from Ohio)

While this all happened, Kurt became the kicker of the H.S. Football team (“All the Single Ladies” Thank you Beyonce) – His involvement on the team led some of the football players to join Glee – giving Glee the right number of people to move forward and take regionals! That is until Sue get’s Sandy to come back, put on a production of Cabaret and promise Rachel the lead.

So! Tonight’s episode:

Finn thinks he’s going to be a daddy, so he needs a scholarship to get the hell out of Lima and take care of his kid. Miss Pillsbury suggests that he goes after a music scholarship (seeing the team is not that great, and by that I mean they suck) – but to do this Glee needs Rachel back.

Will decides that instead of getting Rachel back he’ll find an old classmate of his by the name of April Rhodes – he had a wicked crush on her back in 1990 and luck for him, she didn’t graduate so she can come back to school, take his Spanish Class and be in Glee Club!

Only problem is that April Rhodes is a drunk and she made a bunch of bad decisions and her influence isn’t a good thing, not even a little bit…

In the end April left and Rachel returned to Glee, but let me just say… It was crappy of Finn to do what he did. Yes, I understand he was trying to use Rachel’s crush on him to get her to come back – but with the whole “Quinn’s pregnant” story that’s now flying around the school (due to Puck since he’s super pissed she won’t name him the daddy) it was just mean.

Rachel may be annoying, but she’s just young…

The musical numbers tonight included Queen’s “Somebody to Love” and “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret done as a duet between Rachel and April (which was amazing)

I love this show. It’s funny, the writing is great and the musical numbers are awesome. After all these years of American Idol and whatever any of those other talent shows on steroids are – its nice to just watch a good show with great talent.

And just so you know – Amber Riley, a.k.a. Mercedes Jones – she tried out for American Idol, Simon Cowell told her she wasn’t good… pretty sure that solo at the end of Somebody to Love shows you how he’s just not always right…

Glee airs on FOX (right after American Idol…) on Wednesdays @ 9pm! Next week… Will’s wife, Terri, takes a job at the school as the school nurse because Sue pays her a visit and brings to light – Emma Pillsbury.

All the songs you see on Glee can be downloaded on iTunes. I’m gonna go download me some “Maybe This Time” right now!


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