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Ghost Hunters – NY with Meat Loaf!!

Ghost-HuntersLast Halloween Danielle Parody was named the winner of “Great American Ghost Hunt” with her entry, Private Island Haunting. Tonight, with the help of their good friend Meat Loaf, Jason, Grant and the team headed up to Alexandria Bay’s, Thousand Islands to finally do their investigation of the Parody home.

Some of the stories were that of children’s shadows running through walls, a dead priest that speaks to children, long gone music heard down by the docks and even a board being thrown at Danielle’s brother’s head when he refused to leave the boat house.

The one thing that was interesting was that ALL of the Ghost Hunters had an experience – that NEVER happens… Honestly, maybe Jason and Grant will see something or Kris and Amy will hear something knocking – but never the entire team.

The Main House had two different spirits identify themselves to Jason, Grant and Mr. Loaf. Through the use of the K2 meter and many questions it came to light that there were a man an a woman in the house. The man knocked a door for them on two different occasions, he even stated that he was the priest. (Jason even asked him to scream – and moments later the K2 light up)

But the Boat House seemed to be where all the creepy fun was at.

First – the spiders. There were a LOT of spiders… Second, Kris and Amy both (at the same time) saw a large black shadow move in front of them, and they heard a sound like footsteps.

Later – Steve and Tango also heard a knocking noise (and then Meat Loaf scared the bejesus out of Steve… spiders… Haha!)

But the best was when Jason, Grant and Mr. Loaf saw a shadow move across a room, through a wall into the bathroom. Meat Loaf decided to leave his bottle of water in the bathroom, telling the spirits that they should bring it to them. When they went to sit back and watch, Grant saw some movement in the bathroom again and went in to find that the water bottle had been moved about 3 feet across the bathroom and was now sitting on the back of the toilet.

Danielle Parody won for a reason, the house she grew up in defiantly had something going on! I wish they would have done a little more back ground on the history of the place… (private residents are hard for me to do searches on – especially ones that aren’t in my home state…)

All around! A great episode! Next week T.A.P.S. is off to OH Canada!! (Canadian Prison – AYE!)

Cornwall Jail, CanadaCornwall Jail – Ontario, Canada

And, according to TV by the Numbers, they will also be visiting USS Salem – Quincy, Massachusetts.

uss-salemA great big haunted military vessel… sweeet!

Ghost Hunters airs on Wednesdays @ 9pm!


3 Responses to “Ghost Hunters – NY with Meat Loaf!!”

  1. Wow. i fell in love with meatloaf when I watched your show. What a genuinely kind and funny man! The home you investigated was extremely creepy as well. These 2 attributes made this one of the most entertaining episodes of your career, in my opinion. Thumbs up!!! I was extremely jealous of your opportunity to perform a ghost hunt there. So, next time you need a guest….I would GLADLY come along…(a woman with looks like mine could drastically increase your fan base. 😉 hahahaha

    Love you guys,

  2. […] Ghost Hunters – NY with Meat Loaf!! ( – September 30, 2009Cornwall Jail – Ontario, Canada. And, according to TV by the Numbers, they will also be visiting USS Salem – Quincy, Massachusetts. uss-salem A great big haunted military vessel… sweeet! Ghost Hunters… […]

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