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Running in Heels?

Running in Heels

I’ve been searching high and low and can’t make anything of it… Running in Heels, the Marie Claire docu-drama reality show that aired earlier this year on Style Network seems to be the buzz around town.

Is it because we miss our favorite interns?

Could it be because everyone just loves Marie Claire?

Maybe there is a season 2 in the works and I’m just not doing the right research?

Or maybe it’s because Project Runway has had both Nina Garcia (a P.R. veteran and employee of Marie Claire) and Zoe Glassner switching spots as judges on the hit fashion reality show that has moved to Lifetime… I think this is the reason we’re all out there searching the internet trying to find out what we can about Running In Heels.

If I hear anything new about a possible second season I’ll be sure to let you know! But in the mean time, you should check out Why? The interns still blog on there and you can get all the new gossip about the fashion world!

Oh – and you can check out Clean House… Nicey Nash and her team of well organized cleaning bandits… Best. Show. Ever.


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