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Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereire & Twilight

If you don’t watch Attack of the Show on G4, mostly you’re just missing out. Besides information about all the Games, Television, Movies and Gadgets you could ever want, over the years they have worked very hard at bringing together a cast that makes it all worth while.

Yes, lots of you now know of Miss Olivia Munn. How can you not? She’s cute, funny as hell, smart and I could go on and on – and you should know about Kevin Pereira – who is all of those things and in male form! G4’s Attack of the Show (or AOTS for it’s followers) is pretty much soft-core geek porn.


I said it.

I’m a big nerd. I love computers, comics, television, movies, the internet – so I’ve been watching AOTS since “Pre” female host days. So yes, I’ve been watching since before it was cool…

But its not cool for a reason. Besides extremely informative (and easy on the eyes) – G4 and AOTS likes to give you things like this…

Take that – add it to the “…And then Buffy Staked Edward… The End” shirt that Chris Gore wore a few weeks back, just makes me love this show so much more. (Oh and lets not forget the rest of the crew, Chris Hardwick, Alison Haislip, Blair Butler, & Anna David)

Thank you.

Seriously, this spoof made my night!

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