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Jamie Bamber & Summer Glau – Dollhouse

Well, I don’t plan on picking up Dollhouse again this season, and to be honest I think it’s my loss.

I know – you’re thinking then why don’t I just pick it back up? WELL! I really didn’t like first season (regardless I do love Mutant Army and Joss Whedon), but I’m going to be really busy in my other life until March so my Television consumption needs to be at an all time low…

Why do I think the show will be better this season?

Seeing that it was picked up again (much unlike the late great Firefly, which SHOULD be the Joss Whedon vehicle we’re all talking about) Jamie Bamber (of BSG fame – aka – Apollo) and Summer Glau (Firefly & Terminator: TSCC) are joining the cast.

Jamie Bamber


Honestly, this information was released a few weeks back – so you shouldn’t be surprised. Also, Dollhouse premiered last Friday (I think) so at this point you know more than I do.

I wish them all luck, I think the added cast will bring this show up to the level it should have been first season. Well, at least I hope it does.

Happy TV Watching!


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