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Ghost Hunters – Saint Andrews, Little Drummer Boys and the Benton House

Ghost-HuntersThis past week Jason, Grant and the rest of the T.A.P.S. crew headed over to Staten Island, NY to St. Andrews.

Saint AndrewsBuilt in 1708 and commissioned for Queen Anne, Saint Andrews finally opened its doors in 1712.

A lot of people have had weird experiences at St. Andrews over the years, from phantom nooses showing up in photographs to the sound and sight of a Revolutionary War Drummer boy standing near a tree in the Church’s Cemetery.

Most of the claims were debunked by one of the team members, but it was interesting when Amy and Kris where in the Chapel. They were doing a EVP session, talking away, when they began to hear noises. Kris kept telling the spirit (or whatever was there) to come closer, and the noise actually did.

Also, Jason and Grant – as they were debunking the hanging candle and wind chimes, saw a large shadow move across the far side of the Chapel.

I rather enjoyed Father Michael’s reaction to the news that T.A.P.S. didn’t have any documented proof that the Church was haunted. He was overly happy about them having personal experiences. It was nice.

But other wise, nothing really happened. I was hoping, when I saw the episode was titled “Little Drummer Boy” that they would have been able to help the lad. Little historical fact: in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars – the drummer boys were used to send messages to the troops. (Think of a coach in Baseball). So who do you think the opposing army took out first?

Not old enough to fight, but old enough to be the first man down.

The second location to be visited was The Benton House in Chicago, Ill.

The Benton HouseThe Benton House is a pretty historical landmark in Chicago, Illinois.  Founded in 1907, they are very much involved in their community Рwhich a wonderful thing!

The claims at The Benton House ranged from footsteps into one of the staff room – with no one present to make the sound – to doors being closed by Ma Benton.

This place, just like St. Andrews, was debunked. BUT Jason and Grant did see a shadow move into one of the rooms just down the hall from the bedroom of the employee that heard footsteps one late night.

But like they tell us on every episode. Just because they didn’t catch something doesn’t solidify a location NOT being haunted, it’s just that they can’t confirm it.

Ghost Hunters airs on SyFy, Wednesdays @ 9pm


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