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Warehouse 13 finale

warehouse_13Tonight was the finale of the new “hit show” on SyFy – Warehouse 13. I recently learned that this show is the number one show on SyFy at this current moment, so go them.

To sum up the episode.

Myka, Pete and Artie were sent after MacPherson who was selling artifacts that should have been locked up inside of Warehouse 13. Seeing that MacPherson couldn’t get inside the building, he had an accomplice.

The show led us down a twisty road and left us at only one possible person – Leena. Which really stinks seeing she owns the B&B where they all live.

Attempting to frame Artie and Claudia, it turned out that Leena was the mole all alone. So what’s the problem? Well, MacPherson got away. Claudia left because she was hurt by the accusations that she betrayed Artie AND the warehouse in general, and there’s a good chance that Artie is dead.

When Warehouse 13 comes back I will not be picking it up again. I’m happy for them that it’s the #1 show on SyFy – but it’s just not my cup of tea. I will, however, be checking out Stargate Universe, which starts on October 2nd.

Warehouse 13 is a SyFy original show – head over to for more details.


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