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Bored to Death – HBO

Bored to DeathThe first time I ever saw Jason Schwartzman was way back in Rushmore. I love that movie, even though it was like pulling teeth to get me to see it. To this day I still randomly quote from it.

Then, years later, after seeing him in Shop Girl (the wonderful Steve Martin movie featuring Claire Danes) I found out Schwartzman started a band called Coconut Records. Now he’s funny AND musically inclined.

You can see the crush forming.

Then last night I had a chance to sit down and watch the premier of Bored to Death. HBO’s “Noir-otic” show that is filling in the now empty Hung time-slot.

This show is so much fun I will recommend you take a look see!

The premise is great, Jonathan Ames [Schwartzman] is a writer in NYC who is bored. He’s having problems writing his second book, because “it’s always the hardest to write” and his girl friend Suzanne [Olivia Thirlby – Juno] left him because all he does is drink (white wine) and smoke pot, even though she asked him to quit, and his boss (?) George Christopher [Ted Danson] is just as bored as he is.

His best friend Ray Hueston [Zach Galifianakis] is an “artist” too, comic book in variety, is having problems with his girlfriend who want’s crazy things like “stability” when he just wants her loving and to appreciate him for the starving artist he is.

Jonathan reads a Raymond Chandler novel (which are awesome if you’re into noir lit) and decides he should become a P.I., so he posts and add on Craigslist and heads out to help his first client.

Which goes terribly wrong and lands Jonathan being dragged down to the police station where he’s told NOT to do that again.

There were a lot of funny lines and the cast it great. Later this season Parker Posey will be guest staring and lovely Heather Burns [the Unusuals, Choke] is playing Leah, Raymond’s ever so understanding girlfriend. Plus, Ted Danson is insanely funny.

Bored to Death airs on HBO, Sundays @ 9:30pm


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