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Parks, The Office & Community – NBC Thursdays

Parks and Rec I wanted to avoid this show this season. Even though I love the cast, I couldn’t help but think this was just The Office in heels – but this season primer, kind of, changed my mind.

The reason I say “kind of” is because it’s only one episode, BUT I’m willing to give it a shot this season.

Maybe it’s because I too know every word to Parents Just Don’t Understand by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, or maybe it’s because “he’s straight for me and gay for him” – only time will tell!

But I would like to give a big bag of Kudos to Amy Poehler and crew for this past episode. I pretty much spent all of last Friday quoting from their season primer.

I would also like to give a movie recommendation. Rashida Jones (Ann Perkins) was recently in a movie called, “I love you, Man” with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. The movie was in and out of theaters pretty quick, but if you haven’t seen it – put it on your Netflix list or pick it up the next time you decide to rent a movie. It was SUPER funny and totally worth the rent!

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC, Thursdays @ 8:30

The OfficeThe Office was back and kept us laughing! Well, kept  me laughing… Oh Michael Scott and how you need intensive therapy everyday for the rest of your nature life…

This season Pam’s pregnant, Stanley is having an affair with his nurse – and Michael is being the same old breath of messed up fresh air!

I wasn’t too excited about The Office, and not because it’s good, because I FORGET how great it is when I don’t watch it for a while. I suppose I just have problems with my short term memory…

Michael found out that Stanley was having an affair from the Dunder Mifflin summer interns – who he tortured the entire summer. And after he told everyone about it he found out it was true and felt so bad that he then started to spread lies about everyone in the office.

My favorite lies? That there is a small man inside of Kevin controlling him! AND that he was a JCrew model – Michael Scott, NOT Jim Halpert – who wants to be known as a vacuous model?

The Office airs on NBC, Thursdays @ 9 pm

CommunityI love The Soup on E!, but was a bit apprehensive about watching this show. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Joel McHale – SOO MUCH! He makes me laugh harder than most people can, but still. Sitcoms are a tough thing any more – but I have to say this Thursdays Night NBC line up may be changing that.

Community was AWESOME. The cast is great, and the show was really funny. And not funny, I’m laughing because I’m embarrassed that this show some how was green lit and made it onto the airwaves (dollhouse) but it was really good.

The only actors I didn’t recognize were Britta (Gillian Jacobs), Annie (Alison Brie) and  Troy (Donald Glover), but they were all wonderful.

If you missed Community last Thursday, be sure to check it out this week. It’s worth the watch, I promise you that.

And if you missed any of these shows, remember that NBC is awesome and you can see all previously aired episodes online at

Community airs @ 9:30

Check it out and let me know what you think!



2 Responses to “Parks, The Office & Community – NBC Thursdays”

  1. I really liked Community…Joel McHale is good…I was glad to see Chevy Chase still has some comedy left in him!

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