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Fringe – Season 2 premiere

Fringe FOXFinally! Fringe is back!

I have to say, this was one of those shows I couldn’t wait for. It returned last night, and sadly I didn’t have a chance to watch it until today – but still – EXCITED!

We picked up with Olivia on the streets of NYC. She was in an accident, but she wasn’t in the car. Still stuck in a different dimension, at the last moment she was thrown through the car window onto the street at the feet of Peter and Walter Bishop – Oh, and the newest member of the cast – Junior FBI Agent Jessup [Meghan Markel – who will be replacing Kirk Acevedo seeing that they killed off Agent Charlie Francis in the first episode.]

Weird people from other worlds are now trying to kill Olivia because she talked to William Bell [Nimoy] who told her something she now can not remember – probably due to the fact she was thrown through a window.

Onto a street.

Then was pronounced dead, only to wake up chanting Greek to Peter who was saying good-bye at that very moment, which was coincidental seeing that his mother used to change the same Greek words to him before he went to bed – but was it him or the other him… remember – Peter Bishop died a long time ago… in this dimension.

(And women think flowers are romantic! Walter ripped open a rift in space and time to another dimension and brought his wife her dead son.)

While this was all going on Nina kissed Agent Broyles outside a courthouse in D.C.

Agent (or Colonel) Broyles was fighting a committee of idiots who didn’t and probably still don’t, understand the importance of the Fringe Division – Doubting Thomas’ – they should all fly to Boston to stick their fingers in Olivia’s wounds…

The season should be fun. Well, I’m hoping. The whole “Bad Robot” crew has a bad habit of taking second seasons of shows and flushing them right down the toilet. Yes, Lost figured this out in the nick of time and saved face, but Alias… zombies. By third season – ZOMBIES.

Brazilian half sister zombies created by a mad-man that had been dead for hundreds of years but knew that Sydney would be there just then because…

Whatever, seriously. Zombies.

Kudos to the throw back to the X-Files. (if you didn’t notice that’s what was on the television in the apartment weird alien car accident dude broke into to reform as the bald – Moby-esk man)

I have to say though, I’m over the whole “J.J. Abrams” Star Trek throw backs – once again – we get it. Yes, I saw Star Trek, hell, I even liked it – but try to concentrate. This is what happens each time. Start a show – get excited for the show – produce the show – think of a NEW show – forget the other show…

Both the girl on the video and the nurse looked familiar to me, but I haven’t been able to find out who they are as of yet – but I’ll keep looking.

Right at this moment I’m going to watch Fringe in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way – it could do wonderful things, but then again it could fall flat on it’s face.

Kinda like that whole story line with the sister… don’t much care about it. (maybe it should go away? anyone?)

Fringe airs on Thursdays @ 9pm on FOX.


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