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Glee – Acafellas

GleeI have to say I totally understand why my husband won’t watch this show with me.

They sing and dance. And I LOVE THAT! So I think it works out, personally, because for one whole hour I have the T.V. to myself – no comments, no interruptions, just me and the cast of FOX’s new hit show Glee!


You’re recap:

The cheerleaders are attempting to dissemble the glee club from the inside. Attaching one member at a time, they are playing on their weaknesses, filing them with fear, and getting them to destroy themselves.

Starting with Rachel, seeing she’s an easy target since she wants fame and fortune more than anyone else out there, they get her to tell Mr. Schuester that Glee needs a special coach – this pushes Will to start his own boy band – the Acafellas – to start practicing and thus pulling him away from Glee.

All of this makes Coach Sylvester super happy, because it’s one step closer to her have her budget back in order and her life with the Cheerio’s can continue as previously planned.

The ever so awkward Finn is against this the entire time. (awkward in how he dances…) which is refreshing seeing he’s normally the one that’s fleeing the seen of the songs.

The cheerleaders then start working on Mercedes and Kurt, convincing Mercedes that her and Kurt should be a couple. Which didn’t work out seeing that Kurt is gay – he announced that at the end of the episode. (it was very sweet – I really like these to characters chemistry as friends, it’s nice).

All the plans fell apart for the destruction of Glee, but the Acafella’s did pretty well, and let’s talk about how Josh Groban is very funny and has a great sense of humor. Groban guest starred this episode as himself, being stalked by Sandy Ryerson, the old Glee Coach that was let go due to his contact with students. Sandy get’s Groban to show up at the big Acafella show at the PTA meeting and serves Sandy with a restraining order.

And THEN he starts hitting on Will’s drunk mother – very funny.

Terri is still trying to get pregnant, and she’s having sex with her husband a whole ONCE A WEEK. That part make me laugh, I’m sure it was lost on the tweens that watch this show.

Victor Garber as Will father was wonderful!

If you haven’t seen Glee you’re missing out.

Glee airs on FOX Wednesdays @9pm


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