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Ghost Hunters – Union County Courthouse

Ghost-HuntersThe Ghost Hunters started off their night in the company of Dave Tango’s father, Bruce. Bruce Tango called up his son and the other members of T.A.P.S. to tell them about a building he used to work in when he was a police officer in New Jersey for many years.

The place, The Union County Courthouse:

Union County Courthouse - N.J.The biggest documented haunting that have been recorded in and around this building all have to do with a woman by the name of Hannah Caldwell, the first woman to be killed during the Revolutionary war. She was the wife of Rev. James Caldwell – a revolutionary who fought the British tooth and nail to ensure our freedom.

Things of interest that happened:

  • Bruce Tango heard footsteps not once, but twice, while he was sitting on the second floor of the Rotunda. At first thinking it was his son, Dave, making his way over to him – he quickly realized that Dave was over by Steve and he was, in fact, alone. When Steve and Dave did make it over to Bruce, they found a high EMF reading, which sometimes can be an indication of paranormal spirits.
  • J and Grant debunked the doors opening in the Records room. It turned out when you opened the windows on the other side of the room, it caused a back draft that sucked the doors open for a moment and then slammed them shut.
  • Kris and Amy, in the courtroom – heard and Kris saw, a shadow by them when they were doing an EVP session asking Hannah to show herself. It is believed that Hannah comes to the courtroom to visit a painting of her husband.

During the reveal there was one piece of evidence that popped up. When Jason and Grant were in the Record Room standing around doing an EVP session, their camera picked up an apparition that seemed to walk towards them and turn into one of the cases and then disappear.

Hopkinton, New HampshireThe second investigation took the T.A.P.S. gang to Hopkinton, New Hampshire to the MacNeil Home.

The MacNeil family recently had a baby girl and there have been some happenings in the house. Couches moving, rugs relocating, radios turning on at 2 AM and even beds shaking and door opening to let the dog into a room that is unoccupied.

While the house was beautiful and the family was very friendly and nice – the team didn’t find anything to support their claims.

Which means that they didn’t catch anything the night they were there. (as Jason and Grant always say, it doesn’t mean its not haunted, just that they can’t confirm that it is.)

I like when they do family/home visits. It’s nice to see people helping other people out…

Next week! ON TO A CHURCH!

Ghost Hunters airs on SyFy – Wednesdays @ 9PM


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