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True Blood Season 2 Finale

trueblood The viral marketing on this show is amazing. I’ve heard that the first season has tons of extras and even mocked up news segments about vampires, etc.

And then, there’s my love for Lafayette. You need to be honest, it’s refreshing to see a homosexual character that is so OUT of character for the stereotype most television shows like to portray. That, and he really is just an awesome guy. 

But then the lists begin. At my house we are divided. One side likes Bill and Sookie and the other side (me) finds Sookie annoying and Bill mundane. “Hello SOOKIE. Did you have a nice day at work SOOKIE? Would you like me to escort you back to my plantation house so that I can defile you SOOKIE?”

Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Such is life – but riddle me this…

Maryanne… did we REALLY need to take up the whole season so we could just watch her die in 15 minutes – all so over dramatic and that. I mean, didn’t Sam already KNOW what she was after – so why didn’t he just take care of it in those 19 years that he was “raising” himself? And where does that leave us now?

First season was all about how Sookie is such a cheerleader and and an outcast because she can hear things and then she started dating a vampire… GOOD MOTHER GLORY!

Second season was all about how Tara is ungrateful to all the blessings in her life and she will bend to the will of anyone that will stroke her ego… I mean we found out that “other” things are alive and kicking that aren’t human – just like vampires. (and just like Sookie…)

So third season… Sam? Sam and finding out the origins of the shapeshifters.

Vampire. Demon. Shapeshifters.

…let me put this in a different persepective…

I’m an avid reader. One of my favorite books is The Princess Bride. Which, out side of the screeching eels, is pretty much spot on in the movie. Those parts where Columbo skips over parts because they are boring – that is in the abridged version of The Princess Bride. I’ve never actually seen the original version, but William Goldman was on to something when he skipped entire chapters.

Sometimes the store is hurt by too much crap.

Sometimes a television show loses it’s potienicy when the show bounces all over hell and back just to tell us what we already knew in the beginning.

Vampires are here to stay.

No, they’re not the only weird shit thats out there.

And Bill says Sookie WAY too much. 

I like the story line with the Church. I wish Maryanne would have been killed off third episode. Tara is annoying. Sam is starting to grow a set – very, very slowly. Jason is freaking awesome. (which is new for me) Lafayette is also awesome. Arlene is cute. Sookie is annoying. Andy… jury is still out. LOVE me some Pam. Kinda love me the Queen. 

And Eric.

Why does every damn vampire need to have a soul in this day an age. “Oh! I’m bad! But I know I’m bad!! So now I’ll be good – but the bad feels so good! WILL SOME ONE PLEASE LOVE ME!”

We get it.

I feel like I was in a relationship with True Blood. There are things that I’ll remember and savor for many years to come, but over all – *shrug* 

They’re losing me…

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