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Hung Finale

hung2Well, Hung’s finale was tonight – and here we go.

Ray is now working with both Tanya and Lenore – he had no choice since he’s being “laid off” from teaching school.

Jessica is stepping out on her new husband, who wish he was stepping out on her.

Ray’s neighbor is still out of town – so his wife came over for honey and hot sex.

The twins… well – Darby is still dating the doofus of a boyfriend and Damen is now gay, but he’s not really gay. No, he kinda has a think for Darby.

And who does that leave? Oh, me…

As I was watching Hung and day dreaming about other things – I pulled myself back to the show and realized that I just wasn’t there. Sadly this show I’m dropping for sure. Nothing personally against Hung, it’s just not my bad. And it’s not the sex thing – I actually ADORE Secret Diary of a Call Girl. And it’s not the “guy” thing – because I actually really dig Entourage (which is beyond guy centric) – Its just that the only character I really like is Tanya.

Ray whines a LOT. Jessica… I don’t even know where to start. Ronnie will always be Ogie in “The Waitress” for me – sorry – I can’t break the two apart and the twins… ugh.

It was renewed, so all of you out there that love Hung – you will have more to watch! And I heard that it’s returning later this year – so that’s TOTALLY awesome! I wish all of the people at the Happiness Consultants good luck!

And I’ll see you around.


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