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Warehouse 13 – Breakdown

warehouse 13I have to admit, I’m growing bored with this show. It bums me out because there is just so much potential with what they could be doing, but over all it’s just getting too campy for me. 

At times I want to yell at the TV, “Yes! I get it!! Weird crap!” and at other times I find myself doing other things around the house not even remembering that I’m watching Warehouse 13. Which probably isn’t a good thing for the show. There are only two more episodes left this season, which is probably really a great thing seeing that Fringe is back next week… and the whole “government involvement + weird stuff = good TV” will be filled, and it will be filled by someone who brought Leonard Nimoy on as a guest star… 

That isn’t a dig on the casting of W13 – I like the actors, but right now… what’s really going on?

I’ll tell you, in just the NICK of time – the gang will capture the bad guy and the world will be safe… you know, I’m fine with formula, it’s just the lack of flare that gets me.

Warehouse 13 – Syfy – Tuesdays @ 9pm


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