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Glee – Showmance

GleeThis is one show that I have been looking forward too. I’m not even going to lie. I was counting down the days – and was overly joyed when I realized that today was finally that day!

Maybe it’s because the show is based somewhere in Ohio, or maybe it’s because the only other way you can see singing on TV right now is to watch some fame hungry wanna be’s get ripped apart by overly pampas jerks on the same station – but hey – now I don’t have to think about that show, because I have Glee!

If you missed the pilot, which aired way back in May, you really need to jump on board before you miss to much more. The show revolves around a High School Glee Club that is trying to build its way up from the ground – but the biggest problem would be the cheerleading coach (Jane Lynch – and no, she won’t be back to Party DownJennifer Coolidge will be taking her place).

Tonight we watched the glee club football player be torn between his popular girlfriend, Quinn, and the ever so… expressive… Rachel who is in love with him.

Plus there is the tension between Emma and Will – the fact that Will’s wife really isn’t pregnant (and her sister is c-r-a-z-y), Coach Tanaka who has a thing for Emma – even if she has a weird “thing” about dirt and germs.

This show excites me because it’s different. The actors are all very talented and so far the writing is great – Jane Lynch has a lot of weird one liners and I love it!

Glee airs on FOX Wednesdays @ 9pm! I hope you come and sing and dance and join the fun!


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